Nautilus mini shocking!!!!

I just bought a nautilus mini and the first coil kept smelling burnt. Went through all the steps let it sit for 10 minutes yada yada yada. So after no success I changed out coil and this time I'm getting shocked. So I went back purchased 2 more coils and still getting shocked. Yeah this really shocks!
Any one else?
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  • What battery are you using? and are all connections tight?
  • Make sure that you got authentic coils (and Nautilus).

    But it shouldn't shock you, unless you've lost an insulator somewhere. The center pin on the bottom of the nautilus should have a rubber insulator around it.

    Also, check that your battery isn't pushing the center pin all the way up inside the nautilus, if it does, it will short and shock you, if your battery is a cheap battery that doesn't have "short protection".
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