true thoughts from a new vaper

Let me preface this post by saying that this is not a test towards the administrators of this forum, yet a test towards the company doing business as Aspire.
As a pack a day smoker for 20+ years, I recently decided to try the "vaping" craze. Spurred on by a good friend who is not much older than I suffer through stage 3 lung cancer, I bought a small and cheap ego battery and a couple generic clearomizers from my local vape shop. I filled them with tobacco flavored juice, 3 different ones at 24 mg strength. I found 1 to be particularly nice. So I purchased a 1300 mah Aspire vv battery and 2 ET-S tanks with BVC coils.
After charging the battery and filling the new tanks, I primed them accordingly and sat down with a cocktail to enjoy the evening.
What came next can only be described as utter disappointment. Both tanks flooded within 15 minutes; what's worse is after changing coils, which is a very messy job when they are full, they flooded again. Not to be discouraged, I changed them yet again with the same results. Needless to say, I smoked a few cigarettes after all this.
All the purchased products were authentic. I had the store owner prove it to me on her own laptop.
I returned to the vape store the next day, and spoke with the owner. She told me what I expected to hear; she makes no warranties on any products sold and I should contact the manufacturer. I did that. And like everybody else on this forum, I received the same response; a poorly worded, grammatically incorrect post stating I should take this up with the reseller.
Now, as a consciousness consumer, I have purchased many, many goods in store and online, and on the occasion that I encountered defective products, I first returned to the place of purchase to have this rectified. If it could not be done there, I contacted the manufacturer. Yes, I have been given the runaround before, but most have been resolved in accordance with the warranty.
I have since returned to my generic tanks, but still use the Aspire battery. My friend gave me his Nautilus tank, which I used for a week with no problems. Until I purchased new coils for it; which again, all but 2 were defective.
For as much hype and praise as I have heard for and about Aspire products, I have a different opinion. So far, I have encountered numerous defective products, terrible customer service and general lack of interest for personal opinions to be posted on this forum.
Most companies who truly succeed accept criticism and learn from it. They take vested interest in their customers experiences with their products and use that feedback to improve their products and strengthen their company.
Only time will tell if Aspire can and will achieve this.
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  • I hate to say it, but if the place of purchase won't honor warranty issues, that is a huge RED FLAG. Even though "All the purchased products were authentic. I had the store owner prove it to me on her own laptop." I personally would have doubts of her being truthful.

    Your friend's Nautilus worked flawlessly, which points back to your original place of purchase possibly being less then honest. I have a feeling that you went back there for the replacement coils, which had issues.

    Try getting replacement coils from another source. With the first thing to ask before purchase is "Do you honor manufacturers warranties, if something doesn't work?" If they say no, go somewhere else. If yes, try them. Or get them directly from Aspire.

    I get my Aspire stuff from two sources, my local shop (which does honor warranties), and directly from Aspire. I have yet to have a serious issue over something not working.

    The main reason why Aspire asks owner to go back to the place of purchase for warranty issues is this: There are to many copycats. If Aspire took back everything from everyone directly, they would inundated with products that they did NOT manufacture, and wouldn't be in business for very long. Going back through the resellers is the only way they can weed out copycat/clone products.

    As for "poorly worded, grammatically incorrect post": Please remember that they are a China based company, and English is a second language.

    I do not work for Aspire, BTW. I'm just someone who enjoys their products.
  • Funny though, my friend's nautilus which is now mine, came from the same shop.
    As for the warranties, I understand that the shop owner should honor them; but as a small business owner myself with high overhead and small returns on sales due to high wholesale costs, I also understand why she would recommend contacting the manufacture. I would be more than happy to send dated sales receipts along with defective products including original packaging back to the manufacter.
    My point is that the company doing business as Aspire seems to be dodging the warranty issues by addressing them to the retail vendors. Most companies when contacted by consumers with regards to warranties will honor them, including those based in China.
    Also, there are many people living and working in China who are very fluent in English; I have spoken on the telephone with them myself over the years as a small business owner. My statement was made because it would make business sense to have them on staff seeing how much of their business is done with English as a first language countries.
  • Dear Friends,
    Thank you so much for supporting aspire and giving us your sincerely suggestions.
    Of course we will be responsible for every our product, so we have required all of our direct distributors to send the replacement once finding defect, and when the customers find their aspire are with quality issues, the should first to check the security code of their tanks and then ask the seller for placement.If the sellers bought their products from our authorized directly distributors,they can ask exchange from our authorized directly distributors
    We suggest customer to ask the seller for sevice,for we can not see the defective,if the seller confirm the product is defect,you exchange from the seller,the seller can exchange from the former sellers,we will ask our distributors to send out the replacement.We will send the replacement to our directly distributors.
    If customers want to get quick after-sale service,we suggest customers to buy our products from us or our authorized distributors.
    For we have customers all around the world,it is really hard to do directly service for every customer around the world.We at aspire listen to customers,we are now trying our best to establish global service,but it need some time.
    Beg for customers' kind understanding.

    Best regards!
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