different models of base hardware? (mini)

So question here...

I have two Nautilus Mini tanks, one i bought 3 weeks ago from a local shop and the other i bought yesterday at a different local shop. upon further inspection of the units side by side they have some differences. I checked online and the codes came back legit from your site. the differences are:

the tips are shaped different (slight not a huge deal)

the biggest concern being the bottom hardware of the tank where the 510 connection is...

on one unit the chamber where the coil goes is open and the vent holes are visible on the sides

the other unit has a machined ''wall'' or ''lip'' that is offset from the vent holes in the side making them hard to see.

is this a change in design? or are we talking about a fake unit?

i will provide pics if you need more clarity.

one def vapes better than the other

please let me know

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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    First,we don't change our design for the nautilus base hardware.
    It is better to take pictures to show the different and mark them out with outstanding colors.

    Have a nice day!
  • Here are my pics...




    So image 1 shows side by side (dark i know sorry)

    image 2 is without the ring and image 2 is with the ring

    can you tell me the difference?

  • Dear Customer,
    Oh,I see.
    The one with a ring inside the base hardware(where the coil screw into) is our upgraded version.
    There are some customers take our products to travelling,while travelling,the tank will be jolted,the leaking problem will happen.The ring is used for avoid leaking problems
    Have a nice day!
  • i think the fault lies with the aspire reseller who should make it plain to see on their website that a new base has been issued.As distinct from the original base.
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