Quality control issue with Nautilus coils - burnt taste

I currently have two Aspire Nautilus mini tanks - I bought the second very soon after the first, for a family member, based on positive experiences using the first. However, I am now more or less ready to give up on Aspire permanently, due to the unavailability of working coils. Both units worked fine with the coils which came with the units. I currently have 7 boxes of coils I bought on the assumption that the replacement coils would work as well as the originals. I have gone through two of the boxes of coils - one box of 5 is entirely bad - the other had 2 out of 5 usable. By usable, I mean explicitly "did not immediately taste burnt, and disgusting, and ruin a tank of juice". Before I get a canned answer in which the manufacturer avoids responsibility:

1) 50/50 PG/VG only
2) 4 volts, 8.2 watts
3) Both packs have authentic scratch codes which I verified through the website
4) Reducing the wattage does not improve the taste
5) I am not talking about a problem with coils which have a short lifespan - I mean the coils are immediately unusably bad.

What do you propose I do about this? More to the point, what will you do about this?

It would be ridiculous of me to waste perfectly good (i.e. free from manufacturing defects) eliquid on testing further coils.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Sincerely sorry to hear that.
    Please make sure if the coil is screwed to the base hardware tightly.
    After refilling,we suggest customers to let the tank sit for awhile, to allow the coil to soak up the liquid, some people add some liquid to the coil before installing. After it sits for a little bit, you should take a few pulls, or dry hits. What you do is take a hit, but do not press the battery button. This pulls the liquid into the coil.
    If all is ok.
    Our after-sale process is :when consumer found what their bought is defective,they can firstly check the security code on our website to confirm if it is original,When customer check it on our website,it should be original,no one check it before you.then ask the dealer for exchange,every dealer is responsible for their products,we need the dealer's help,for we don't see the defective.when any qualiy problems occur, they can ask for exchange from their previous dealer.We will send the replacement to our authorized selles.
    We suggest customer to ask the seller for sevice,for we can not see the defective,if the seller confirm the product is defect,you exchange from the seller,the seller can exchange from the former sellers,we will ask our distributors to send out the replacement.
    For we have customers all around the world,it is difficult t support directly service to every customers around the world,we are now try our best to establish global service,but it need some times.
    If customers want quick service,we suggest our customers to buy our product from us directly or from our authorized sellers:https://www.aspirecig.com/business-partners/
    All of the using experience feedback will pass to our QC and engineer department On everyday meeting.

    Wish you all the best!
  • I have had the same issue with some of my BVC's. I too, have the mini nautilus.
    I've checked on this site to ensure they are genuine, which they are. Each time I change a coil, I make sure to tighten it securely and I do let it sit for quite a while along with some initial dry hits.
    I've found that for some reason some of the coils are not bubbling when taking hits, which if you keep hitting on will result in burnt taste. I've had to dry hit every time between real hits to keep it from burning. :o
    Seems to me that there is a problem with (some) of the coils not able to absorb more juice properly into the chamber. Highly suggest R & D look into this A.S.A.P..
  • I'd like to report a very similar issue. I have been using BVC clearomizer tanks/coils for the past few months. I buy my equipment directly from local retailers. I began using Aspire products because of the wonderful way in which the coils (initially) 'hit' and did so consistently. But recently, EVERY new coil I have bought has had something seriously wrong with it.

    The coils out of the box have a sour taste, I don't know if I would call it a "burnt" taste, but it is certainly a bad taste. I have taken steps to deduce the issue; at first I wrote off the coils I bought as "duds" and went to the same retailer to buy another. Upon getting another bad one I went to another retailer and bought one there. After going home and letting that coil sit overnight in juice, in a fresh tank, and still getting a sour taste, I returned to the retailer. She was kind enough to let me have a new-from-the-box clearomizer tank, and you guessed it, same issue. Upon returning this one (and after visiting these forums) I have the retailer's assurances that the products are straight from the aspire distributor, and I discussed the 'scratch code' with her and she seemed puzzled since they were 'ordered straight from aspire' but she told she would do a check on her next order anyway. And I don't logically see this retailer which I have been patronizing for 3 years and buying aspire coils from for 1/2 a year, and another retailer all the sudden plotting to deceive me and stocking the same fake products at the same time. And anyway, at this point I'm not really willing to spend 15$ to directly order a pack of coils that I am reasonably sure will have the same issue just to get another mouthful of that nasty taste.

    And I'd like to add that I know for a fact that the actual issue here is the literal coil -not the 'coil' assembly- because I disassembled one of the "bad" coil assemblies and removed the actual coil and replaced it with a coil that I cleaned out of an older assembly (which worked fine). Essentially this process just served to change out the dirty cotton (and ceramic paper i guess) but it worked, and its what I'm using now. So from my perspective, the production material/ method for the Aspire BVC replacement coils was likely changed sometime around or before the beginning of 2015 effecting it hitting the shelves near me around February. If this be the case, whatever change you made, please undo it. It's horrible. I loved the 6 months I had using well working aspire tanks/ coils before this happened. Was the best tank I'd yet used, but I seriously cannot afford to keep buying coils knowing that they will be defective. I sadly will have to find a new brand when this coil I currently have wears out, and unless I see some type of change in recognition of this issue, I see no reason to gamble on another product with an Aspire coil.
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