question about the bvc coils for the aspire nautilus mini

Hi there i have a question regarding the safety of you aspire BVC coils for the aspire nautilus mini i have heard people talking about the safety of these coils and people seem to be unsure.

what people are worried about is the safety of the ceramic wick inside the coils people are saying this coil could break up and you could possibly breath in the tiny particles.

can you please confirm for me the safety of using these coils as i don't understand all the talk about the coils maybe being able to come apart while vaping

one other thing i love the aspire products but i just want to vape as safe as possible thank you
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thanks very much for the concern.
    For the details about our product,please refer to:
    If it’s properly used and kept saturated during use,we are sure it is safe.
    Doubts and fears are due to the lack of cognition. Due to the unfamiliar and unknown on the ceramic fiber used in Atlantis atomizer.We at aspire listened to customers,Aspire R&D team has been researching to use the organic cotton which is widely accepted by people instead of our present material on the premise of maintaining the optimal performance and stability of our products to meet customers attention and requirements.After testing,we found that the flavor is better just as customer suggested,We are now doing running changing .
    If any information about our product,our marketing department will post on our website,please pay attention to our website.
    Thank you again for your supporting.
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