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Hi ya folks, I just purchased a Atlantis and sub ohm battery combo today and I love it! But bit concerned about 2 charging issues, firstly can I use my old Liberty flights charger to charge the battery, which I presumed would be ok. And secondly my blue light on battery went off but the charger light stayed red and now when I turn the battery on and off I get a majority blue light on sides and bottom of the display but I also get a pinkish light at the top of the display. Any advice would be very welcome.
Thank you and namaste.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Our engineer don't suggest our customers to use other brand charger to charge our battery,which will damage our battery.
    "getting a mainly blue light with pinkish top on display when turning battery on and off"
    When we press 5 times in 2 seconds,the light on the PCB board inside the battery actually flash blue and orange,why people say pinkish light,according to the Principles of Optics,when two color meet together and reflect,which will display the third color.then we will see it is pinkish light on display not orange.
    In order to protect our battery,our battery have overcharging protection,While charging,when meet peak current,the IC inside the battery detect peak current,and full charged,while the charger didn't detected,it will meet blue light on battery went off but the charger light stayed red ,when customers meet this situation,they can let the battery stay on the charger for more time about 20-60minutes,they also can unscrew the battery off to use.
    Have a nice day!
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