Atlantis tank cracked in 3 pieces

Hi, I purchased the Aspire Atlantis on 1/23/15 and have really enjoyed using it ever since. I even just bought the 5ml replacement (should be here on monday!). Today, when I went to take out the pyrex to clean it, as it was coming loose, it cracked into three pieces. Thankfully it came with a replacement.

Now I am very worried that this might happen again too easily. I have cleaned this tank multiple times already while when I change juice flavors, and I do not use too much force to get it out. The same goes for this attempt. It just cracked right as it was about to come out and I almost cut my finger open. Is this common? I would just hate for this to happen again and lose another tank so quickly. Like I said, it's only a week old and I'm already a tank down.

Any help would be great.


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  • Dear Customer,
    Sincerely sorry to hear your bad experience.
    The glass is fragile,much power ,expand with heat and contract with will break.
    You can try our hollowed out replacement tank,there is a cage to protect the glass tube,it will not that easy to broke.
    We will pass your experience to our engineer department,maybe a full stainless steel (no glass inside) replacement tank is needed.

    Have a nice day!
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