Help... I broke my 2 day old Atlantis hi capacity tank!

I was cleaning by 2 week old Atlantis this evening and I fumble fingered it, dropping first onto the granite counter which shattered my 2 day old high capacity 5ml replacement tank. After shattering the glass, the remainder fell onto the tile floor. When it hit, the base came apart into several pieces and I think 1 piece went under the dishwasher. I am so bummed, spent $50 2 weeks ago to get the Atlantis, which I totally love, then 2 days ago I received the high capacity tank in the mail.

I found several others who have had the same happen to their Atlantis base hardware and found the link to purchase a new base here: ... 3f4f4419b6

But I cannot find a replacement glass for the high capacity 5 ml Atlantis tank, where can I get it? I'm struggling now that I cant vape with this awesome tank!
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