Vape store selling fake aspire products

I would strongly suggest never going to the shop Uvape on University Drive in Davie, Fl. Originally they told me that I was buying authentic products from aspire. Yes, my atlantis and my cv-mod are real but the coils they provide at the shop are advertised authentic but are actually clones. I did not know this till a few days ago checking the number on the back of the box and finding over 5000 people had entered in the same code I did. Before I had figured out that they were selling clones, I had brought my friend with me to the shop on new years eve because he was wanting to purchase the atlantis. This atlantis that my friend purchased from the store is a fake and the coils were as well. His atlantis had a security code on the back of the aspire box and this code has been entered in over 300 times. I have two images of the boxes next to the computer screen saying how many times they have been entered in. I also have a text message from one of the workers at the store telling me word for word,"They are clones. Aspires official coils contain ceramic fiber which is a class 2 carcinogen. So we bought from a company who builds exact copies of the atlantis but uses different materials. These are clones that are better than the authentic." Again this is off a text I still have from a worker at the store. Here is the information of the store just incase you need it which I wouldn't think you would since they say they are a distributor of your product.

University Vape (U-Vape)
Tobacco Shop
Address: 2331 South University Drive, Davie, FL 33324
Phone:(954) 870-5168
Hours: Open today · 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    We sincerely sorry for your bad experience!
    University Vape is not our authorized distributor,our authorized distributor in USA called Uvaper,is different from U-Vape,here is Uvaper's website link:
    We will put U-Vape in our copy cat.
    Thank you again for your kind information.
    Wish you all the best!
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