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My order has just been sent back to Aspire via USPS due to improper address (zip code). USPS says the package had a zip code on it that did not match the zip code i used when I placed the order.

Please advise on the next steps

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  • Dear customer ,
    Really sorry for the trouble .
    Would you call to the local USPS ?
    And I will contact the transporting company to solve the problem.
    Any result ,pls keep in touch .
    Best Regards !
  • I did place a call to USPS. They told me there was nothing I could do as the package was already being Returned to Sender. The package can currently still be tracked via usps.com using the tracking number provided to me by Aspire. It appears to be on it's way back to China.
  • False alarm :)

    Despite the USPS explicitly telling me the package was being sent back to China, it arrived on my doorstep today. There was nothing wrong with the zip code on the package. USPS just made a mistake and didn't want to own up to it.

    Thanks for your time Demi
  • Hello friend ,
    That is great !
    I'm so glad you told me that. :P

    Sweet Time !
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