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So I have purchased and authentic mini nautilus and an authentic eleaf istick 20w box. I jave had it for two weeks no. Week one went swell was the best vape I have ever had. Week 2 problems. The problem I am having is whenever I blow threw the drip tip I get juice to come threw the airflow it doesnt leak constantly. The only reason I blew threw was I was hitting it and it started to gurgle, so I dry burned my coil and no problem. The juice im using is a 65/35 pg/vg blend I vape at 11 watts on my Istick which is 4.5 ish volts according to my istick. How can I prevent this gurgling from happening again. Do I need to just keep dry burning my coils ever week or so?
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  • I have the same set up. First, you should not have to "BLOW" in to your tank, you should "SUCK" out to draw in your juice to the coils. "BLOW"ing in to your tank will cause outward pressure and cause the leaking. If your tank "GURGLES" follow these steps:

    1)remove tank from device
    2)remove tip
    3)hold tank(tightly) upright and whip/sling in a up and down motion to remove excess juice

    If your tank still "GURGLES" you can disassemble and wash with warm water. the "GURGLE" is too much juice in the coil and or airways. it is a bad idea to "DRY BURN" your coils.

    Also try using more VG in your juice mix, the mini works better with max VG. PG tends to "GUNK" up the coils and airways.

    +you are using the right v/w for this set up, I run mine between 4.4 & 4.8
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