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I'm just curious as to why my question has not been posted?
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  • Dear Customer,
    Sincerely sorry for the inconveinent!
    Just search our forum,we can not find your post.It may be intercepted by the system
    Would you please resend it again?

    Have a nice day!
  • My question was...ok so I got bored and tore apart one of my used atlantis coils...I noticed when I removed the ceramic filler layer and exposed the inner cotton layer that it had been burned through and the coil was in direct contact with the ceramic filler layer...and wanted to know if this should be a concern of mine...this happened under normal sry burning or anything...just curious...I love my aspire producproducts...I could add a picture if I could figure out
  • Dear Customer,
    Thanks very much for the concern!
    As long as it’s properly used and kept saturated during use, it will perform as it was designed.
    About the details about our product:
    Doubts and fears are due to the lack of cognition. Due to the unfamiliar and unknown on the ceramic fiber used in Atlantis atomizer,we at aspire listen customers' voice, Aspire R&D team has been researching to use the full organic cotton which is widely accepted by people instead of our present material on the premise of maintaining the optimal performance and stability of our products to meet customers attention and requirements.After testing,the flavor is better as customers suggested.We are now doing running change.
    If any information,our marketing department will post on our website,please pay attention to our website.

    Have a nice day!
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