Bad threads on top hardware causing leaking into coil.

Hey guys,

Since day 1 (Dec 25th 2014) I have been having major issues with this tank. The original atomizer that came with the tank was nearly impossible to remove. I literally had to use needle nose pliers to get it out. This leads me to believe that the threads in the top hardware are cross threaded and not allowing the atomizer to set and screw properly. The secondary issue is due to this, my juice is filling up the top part of the coil instead of being fed in through the bottom like it should. So when I go to take a drag I'm greeted with a very unpleasant mouthful of juice. Now it is causing problems with the coils and it seems to be shorting them out. I need some assistance getting new top hardware for my aspire nautilus mini.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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