Nautilus coils taste terrible


I've been having problems with the coils for my Nautilus. The last few packs of coils I've purchased always had at least one bad coil, the one currently sitting on my desk had only two good coils and three bad ones. By "bad" I mean that they tase TERRIBLE right out of the box. They have a chemical-metallic taste to them that I find hard to describe.
I tried vaping on it, in the hopes of the taste going away, but that only left me with a headache for the rest of the day.
I have only had these problems with the bottom vertical coil atomizers, not the bottom dual coil ones. Since the bottom dual coil atomizers are becoming increasingly hard to find where I live, I'll now have to take the risk and drop 15 bucks on another pack of possibly bad coils.
Anyways, just thought I'd let you know.
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  • there are bad coils out there.i know from personal experience.i put it down to teething problems since bvc coils are a new product to hit the ecig market.
  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    First please make sure you get our original coil,you can scratch and get the security code from the black box of your coils,then check them on our website:,
    when check them,they should be original,no one checked them before you,.

    Second,Here are our chief engineer suggestion to use our products correctly:
    Some people asked that why we invented coils with different resistance coils ,not only for offering customer some different choose,but also because different resistance coils have different voltage and applicative battery requirement to make the coils work properly.
    For our 1.6ohm coils,the reasonable voltage is:3.3V-4.2V,use it with normal e-go battery,which have constant voltage output.
    For our 1.8ohm coils,the reasonable voltage is:4.2V-4.8V,use it with voltage adjustable battery,never use our 1.8 ohm coils with high-power wattage adjustable Mod,if once customer to use our coils with wattage exceed 11W Conscious or non conscious.the structure will be damaged,despite how low wattage customer used later,the burn taste will never solved.
    What's more,high proportion of VG e-juice or high sugar/sweetener content e-juice will also affect the coils life.we suggest to use our products with VG proportion less than 50%

    If customer taste burn taste,please let the device sit here for more time,then take the first few unpure flavor,then the flavor will go back,if not work,they need do clean the device throughly with clean water,then let the device stand here for 1-2 day for dry.
    Then change out the old coils,try new coil,after refilling,customers get burn taste for the first puffs,it is normal,customers can let the device sit for longer time to let the coils soak up e-juice
    Have a nice day!
  • Thanks for the reply,

    I feel I need to elaborate in more detail. I vape on a Vamo V5 at 3.9-4.1V, which has always worked perfectly for me so far. I also use 100% VG juice and my coils last usually 2-3 weeks.
    I also let the Nautilus sit for 15 minutes after swapping coils to let it soak so that I don't dry burn.
    I have checked the security code on this website and have confirmed that the coils are authentic.

    Out of the same box, 3 out of 5 coils were bad. Not burnt, but really bad. I know how a burnt coil tastes and this was different. It tasted metallic, like iron, combined with a strong chemical taste. This was straight out of the box, the coil was brand new. I vaped on it for several hours, hoping the bad taste would go away, but it didn't.
    I'm also fairly sure that the juice isn't the issue, since it tasted perfectly fine with 2 out of 5 coils, but not with the other 3.
    I hope this helps clear the issue up, thanks for the help so far.
  • Exactly same problem here with two stock heads which were in package. Kinda metallic burnd taste and awful headache. Not exactly fun first impression. I let them soak liquid 30 minutes before use and coils are just useless. I'm thinking are these some weird batch because coil holes are right in the bottom. Not like I seen in videos = tiny bit part from bottom. Voltages what I used 3.3 - 4.2V and I am pretty much scared to try again because of headache. (50/50 liquid).
  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting and sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.
    We don't suggest customers use high vg e-juice,for the airflow hole on the coils are not too large to soak up thick e-juice.We have tried to use high vg e-juice(50% or 70% vg proportion) do test,the average life be 3-5 days,the result shows that high vg e-juice really affect the coils life.

    Wish you have a nice day!
  • Unfortunately I have to agree; you may have a quality control problem. My first coil in my mini nautilus was great. Worked perfectly with multiple types of liquids from 70/30, 60/40, 50/50. I used the extra coil that came in the box (yes authentic) I followed the instructions exactly as specified and got the terrible taste and a feeling that i was poisoning myself in some way. Of course I stopped immediately.

    I took the coil back out, cleaned and followed the instructions provided. Wasted quality liquid, refilled with new liquid, let it sit again for an hour -same, terrible taste. Rinse & repeat, different liquid. Same taste.

    I'm going to go back to my shop and get another 5 pack. I sincerely hope they work as the first one lasted a couple weeks and was a great experience -if not I'll just go get some patches or switch back to the kanger evod II...I would very much prefer not to do that.

  • So I went back to my shop. Got a 5 pack and everything is back and functioning perfectly. It was a bad coil.

    If you want to know I'm using the E-leaf, iStick battery. I'd experimented with as little as 3v and 6w whereas I typically use 4v and 9-11w.

    Very glad to be using my mini-nautilus again.

    Just recommend you talk with your coil manufacturer. Headaches and waste of $$ is obviously a bad thing for all of us. Having said that I've been very pleased with everything aside from the bad coils.

  • Dear Customer,
    Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience!
    All of your kind suggestions and the bad experience feedback will be collected and passed to our engineer department and QC department every day.

    Happy weekend!
  • This is unbelievable, I may have found the source to my illness. After reading this I am convinced it is due to my coils. I have been vaping for about 1-1/2 years: Nautilus mini, ego twist battery, nicotine levels range from 0-18, I vape at 4.2, keep my tank clean, and keep up with all the latest news on vaping. I am an ex-smoker (last cig was 1.5 years ago), I am 44 yrs old, in great shape, eat right, have no allergies, don't do drugs, and am not under any major stress. I never had any issues during the 1.5 years of vaping. Then about 2 months ago I had a MAJOR dizzy spell out of no where. Palms sweating, forehead sweating, felt very sick, and slight headache. I never felt like that ever in my life. I went home and rested. I continued to vape (and still do) thinking it was food poisoning or something random. Over the next two months my symptoms continued: lite head all day long, loss of appetite (lost 7 lbs), couldn't concentrate, and muscle spasms, and at times severe nausea. As my symptoms worsened I thought something serious was wrong and a few times actually thought I was dying. So to keep it short, in the last two months I have had two ER visits (1 by ambulance), a MRI of the brain, CT scan of heart and chest, blood work covering every single thing you could imagine, neurologist visit, psychologist (thinking maybe it was anxiety) and orthopedic doc. All came back saying I was fine. I kept telling them about the light headiness, nausea, and other symptoms and they could find nothing. I was at the end of my rope trying to figure out what has been wrong with me until I did research on nautilus coils. I tried changing diet, more sleep, more vitamins, reducing caffeine, changing vape juice, ow on 0 nictone for over a week, etc... after all that no changes. However, recently (the past week) I have been feeling just slightly better. Thinking eventually I would be better I was becoming very optimistic. until tonight. I changed out my coil, let it soak (as usual let it soak for 30 minutes) and after 10 minutes of vaping I nearly fainted, I was overcome with sweat and a headache. Instantly I realized, this has been the problem all along. I have been using the same coils from the same 5-pack (BVC, 1.8 ohms) since this all started. As soon as I put this together I searched and found this thread. Unbelievable! I noticed a awful taste in the coils when I first changed them out but thought they didn't soak long enough. After a while the taste went away and I kept vaping off those coils. This is unbelievable after reading other postings about these coils and doing research. I have missed work, piles of Doc bills, worried my family to death, and myself not to mention. I have kept my original box along with the used coils and will have them analyzed however I can. Can someone please respond with any similar symptoms so I can confirm this? Here are my symptoms: sweaty palms, excessive sweating, loss of appetite, nausea, tingling in my forehead (fogy head, light headed feeling all day), muscle twitches, heart palps, major muscle soreness and pain in upper chest and back mainly, blurry vision, and occasional headaches. Some may respond asking these questions so I'll answer now: yes I drink water ALL day, my vape juice was 50/50 pg vg with 12 nic., and now I vape flavorless and no nic (still have symptoms), and yes I have tried 30/70 and 70/30 pg's and vg's and all vg so it's not the mixture. I have seen many blogs and threads online about these coils and people having the same symptoms. I am not an attorney or a quack, I just want to feel better. I need to know if anyone else has experienced any of these symptoms using these coils. And if aspire can please have a rep contact me asap. Thank you.
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    I have had a couple of (hundred percent genuine) coils that tasted a bit off...well, quite a lot off...but none of the symptoms @shnockers describes. Just put them aside for future recoling an rewicking if I ever learn to do that properly :-)
  • I am having the exact same problem that you just explained. Mine started in March when I first bought my Nautilus Mini. I never had this problem with my Bella tank or my Protank. I just ordered the Protank 2. My symptoms are exactly how you described. I never get clammy hands or anything but I feel like I'm drunk after using it. It makes me really lightheaded. I feel electric shock like feelings in my arms and legs. I'm not sure if it's something to do with the coils or the draw is too powerful. I am running a Provari 2 Mini with an 18650 battery. The flavor is fine but something about that tank is messing me up. I tried drinking more water, getting more rest, better diet, and everything else. I literally wake up everyday with a vape hangover. I'm done with this tank. The tank hits like a freight train but it's too much for me. Minus the symptoms I am having I love the tank. I'm sure everyone is different.
  • I have experienced the same issue with the Nautilus tank - always have a sore head when vaping and at times feel lightheaded. The experience is worse when I get a bad coil and get that chemical acrid taste that has been described in previous posts. I may just give up on my Nautilus and mini Nautilus and go back to using Kangertech tanks instead.
  • @shnockers First I thought you have symptoms from too much nicotine. 12mg/ml nicotine is way too much for me. Aspire coils/devices are very powerful. I usually vape ~2mg/ml nicotine.

    There are 2 other things that you could do:

    1. Change coils more frequently. Some juices are burning the coils in 2 days, other juices in 3 weeks... when you feel a strange taste - just change the coil. I don't have a better understanding why is this happening. Also don't get fooled about the flavor. Some juices have so strong flavors that are masking the rubber / burn taste , so sometimes I was vaping expired coils. A quick test could be to vape sometimes some base without flavor.

    2. Focus on e liquid quality

    (and maximum 2 mg/ml nicotine for a period)

    I only vape diacetyl free e liquids. PERIOD.

    My no 1 e liquid is FlavourArt.

    Watch this video and read that article

    I hope you will feel better.

  • I'm glad to know I'm not the l my one who has experienced these horribly defective quality control issue coils. I've found no solution other than to trash them and hope the next one in the pack isn't another dud. I just stocked up on coils too but if the majority of what I've purchased turns out to be more bad coils then I am most definitely switching to a different manufacturer. Too bad though because I really love(d) Aspire.
  • I'm starting to think my recent issues are related to bad coils.
    My setup is a mini nautilus 1.6 ohm on an ESP30. It had been working perfectly fine for months. Then about a week or so ago I started getting burnt tastes (similar to dry fires) even though the tank was completely full. even after dropping the watts I would still get random dry fire hits.
    I'll normally have the watts set anywhere from 8-13, and the display will read 1.6-1.8 ohm, 3.4-4.4 V, which always seemed normal. but today I noticed that sometimes the ohms would jump up to 3 to 4+, and the volts also jump 7 to 8+, but still at the same watt range.
    Is it possibly just bad coils not working properly? Or maybe battery issue? Or something else entirely?
  • @Roger10304
    First off did you check the scratch off on the back of the coil box? Are they Genuine Aspire coils? There are so many fakes out there that are inferior quality and that may be the problem. I highly suggest that you try the Mini Triton 1.8ohm Clapton coils as they will also fit the Nautilus mini and they are awesome coils! You can get them here:
  • Can I please confirm what was said by Jinnis (I assume from Customer Support) on 24 January, about the wattage for the Aspire Nautilus BVC coils being limited to 11W? I currently have two separate "rigs," the first using a 12% nicotine menthol-flavored liquid at 11W (using two Athena-15 batteries); the second rig is filled with a non-nicotine caramel-flavored liquid, which I have been running at 15W (using one Athena-15 battery and one Council of Vapors MiniVolt-40W battery). I've had no trouble at all with the nicotine rig, while the non-nicotine rig has gone through coils at a MUCH faster rate, as well as having more trouble with "bad" coils. So...should the Nautilus coils *only* be run at 11W or lower? Thanks!
  • @BardaghDavid
    My first instinct is to say that the caramel liquid could be the culprit as they tend to gunk up coils much faster than other juices. I run several brands of caramel juice and the coils have to be replaced more often than other juices. However, if Aspire rates the coil at 11 watts maximum, then that is what you should be pushing it at. Anything further and it is out of Aspire specifications and you are on your own.
  • @BardaghDavid I compiled the latest information here. The information was verified by Tina.
  • @charlzrocks thanks for that info; as I recall, I didn't have as much trouble with the coils when I was vaping a cinnamon flavor...still had trouble, occasionally, with that nasty metallic taste, though. Our local store never said anything about wattage limitations, either.

    @Old_Salt that's a great set of charts; looks like I may need to work up to a new rig for my non-nicotine vaping.
  • Reading through this forum, I'm realizing these issues with the coils are the same that I'm having. The coil that was pre-installed in my verified Nautilus Mini tank worked wonderfully. I cycled through 5 flavors(65/35 PG/VG) over the course of two weeks before I noticed the coil going bad. That is when my problems began. I used the replacement coil that came with the tank and did everything correctly. I washed the tank, dried it, replaced the coil and juice, and let it stand for fifteen minutes. From the very first fire I had a very bad chemical taste along with very muted flavor and low vapor production. I had a 5-pack of replacement coils (they were the correct coils), so I switched coils. To make a long story short, I went through the whole pack. I've tried to prime with juice directly on the coil and wick, let it sit for increasingly longer amounts of time with the longest being overnight, take priming puffs without firing, blow through the chimney to reestablish positive pressure inside the tank, and even leave the top hardware a little loose on the head so the glass didn't seat completely against the seal. As none of the tips and tricks I found worked, I chalked it up to a bad pack and purchased another 5-pack (verified) from a different vendor. First coil out of the box had the same disgusting taste and problems. I do find it hard to believe that every single coil out of ten was bad, but I am also hard pressed to call it user error when I have followed the manufacturer's instructions exactly and to no avail. I feel that it is a problem with wicking the juice and it must be attributed to the heads or the construction of the Nautilus Mini. Either way, I am almost to the point of giving up on Aspire products and switching to another manufacturer. Hopefully this issue can be resolved because I loved the Nautilus Mini and the BVC coils until these problems began.
  • Have you tried the Claptons? They have been problem free for my wife and I.
  • @Old_Salt I have a pack of them arriving tomorrow. I purchased them as my last effort wondering if the new design might be better. Hopefully I have the same experience as you two.
  • Hi everybody,
    The exact same thing happened to me. I bought an Eleaf Istick with a Nautilus X a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it as it tasted wonderful. I used both atomizer provided and ordered a pack of replacement. And they all tasted awful. Exactly this horrible metallic/chemical taste that completely ruins the experience. This is not the usual 'burnt' taste of a used coil. It's far worst, because it's a pregnant, nauseating taste. I bought another 5 pack of coils and tried everything i read on different message boards. I tried another tank with different juices and it's all the same. I'm nearly disgusted of vaping by this experience and think of getting back to traditional cigarettes. If anyone finds a solution to this problem please let me know...
  • Which Eleaf istick ?
    Did you prime your coil well before use ?
  • Dr_ZLU said:

    Hi everybody,
    The exact same thing happened to me. I bought an Eleaf Istick with a Nautilus X a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it as it tasted wonderful. I used both atomizer provided and ordered a pack of replacement. And they all tasted awful. Exactly this horrible metallic/chemical taste that completely ruins the experience. This is not the usual 'burnt' taste of a used coil. It's far worst, because it's a pregnant, nauseating taste. I bought another 5 pack of coils and tried everything i read on different message boards. I tried another tank with different juices and it's all the same. I'm nearly disgusted of vaping by this experience and think of getting back to traditional cigarettes. If anyone finds a solution to this problem please let me know...

    Did you check the scratch off authentication on the coil package? If they aren't authentic, they are fakes and will likely taste terrible as most fake coils do. They don't clean the machine oil from the metal surfaces before packaging and that could be what you are tasting!
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