Aspire Nautilus (full size) - Leaking from Air Hole


I was recently looking to upgrade my tank and my local vapor shop (Dorsett Vapor, Maryland Heights, MO) suggested the Aspire Nautilus. I had never had an Aspire product, and they only had good things to say about them. So I purchased the Nautilus. The first week was great! I thoroughly enjoy using the Nautilus, when it isn't leaking...

I've had the tank checked on multiple occasions by the local shop. I'll be using the tank and liquid will start to come out of the hole on the air flow. We have tried many things:
-Checked the seals, checked out ok
-Checked for possible cracks in the glass, checked ok (recently replaced that glass due to a drop, but was leaking before this)
-Tried the original coils and well as the new BVC coils
-Tried ensuring the air flow was closed when screwing back together, then a couple primer puffs on the smallest hole, then switching to the largest

If you can offer any additional suggestions it would be much appreciated. It was at this point that I was recommended to contact you for possible solutions.

Justin Feeney
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