Atlantis tank stuck

Any suggestions to get my tank unstuck besides breaking the glass?
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  • Are you just trying to unscrew the base off the upper? Or are you trying to remove the glass tube from the upper?

    Unscrewing the base from upper, hold the metal part of the upper, then unscrew the base unit. Gloves help. Then when you reassemble, lubricate the bottom gasket with some juice to make it easier the next time you unscrew the base.

    Removing the glass tube from the upper... don't. Just wash, rinse the whole thing as one unit.

    The finger tangs in the upper that hold the glass tube are tight for a reason, to prevent leakage. You only need to remove the glass if you break it. Then it's just a matter of digging out broken pieces, rinsing thoroughly to remove any micro shards left in the upper unit. Then pushing the replacement glass tube.
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