Mini Nautilus tank unscrew

Just to say whilst the majority of this product is good the tank unscrew procedure sucks royally. Unless you have a pair of pliers it's virtually impossible to undo the tank for a refill.

Luckily I own a Leatherman but anyone who finds themselves having to re-fill this vape without any such tool is screwed. I understand the need to ensure a good fit without risk of leaks but this renders the Mini Nautilus useless to alot of people.

I have been using mine for many months now and whilst it functions in all other aspects it's still a b$rtard to re-fill. As such I have come across a number of potentially interested customers only to be dissuaded by the incredibly poor re-fill design.

I fully expect a poor response from the Aspire team in reply to this criticism and non-ownership of the problem as I've read in previous messages on this board. Suprise me Aspire team, I dare you?
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    In order to get good airtightness and long using,we need make the connection between the glass tube and base hardware tightly,otherwise,when time passed by,the connection is loose,the leaking problem will happen.
    We suggest the use of soft lint free gloves or cloth, much like those used to clean eye-glasses, to help with the disassembly so that you do not scratch the glass tank.First screw the upper hardware tightly,then unscrew the base hardware.
    What's more,We also advise the application of just a few drops of e-liquid along both the sealing silicone and rim of the glass tank for the first using,would enable you to unscrew and detached the bottom half
    for refilling with greater ease and a less likelihood of damaging the clearomizor.
    Have a nice day!
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