Aspire E-Pen clearomizer

After buying my first Aspire..the Aspire CF-G 1600 eGo Battery, I wanted to pair it with an Aspire clearomizer. The Aspire E-Pen clearomizer intrigued me because of the tank outer casing and the removable cap, so I went ahead an purchased it. However, I wasn't 100% thrilled with the drip tip but figured I would give it a try nonetheless, I have to say I am throughly disappointed in the Aspire E-Pen clearomizer strictly because of the drip tip (should have trusted my instincts). I cannot tell you how many times I have "almost" lost the drip tip because it does not sit "tight" in the top of the clearomizer. It is so frustrating because no other drip tip fits into the opening. I have ordered another Aspire clearomizer and hope I satisfied with the new one, if not I will go back to my trusted "other" brand.
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