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I am new to the vaping community and am quickly getting caught up on learning about everything!
I purchased the Aspire Atlantis along with the Atlantis CF Mod from here.
I also purchased some LG 18650 and Samsung 18650 batteries from Amazon, along with a Nitecore D2 to charge them.

One of the issues I see is that when I put in a fresh battery into the CF Mod, it seems like the Atlantis is burning much quicker as opposed to a more "used" battery.. I assume that since the battery is charged, the CF Mod is outputting at full capacity, which is leaving a harsh/burnt hit.. This is leading me to believe that the watt output is not consistent, making me want to purchase a new mod already.. Any advice on this? Is this normal?

I am now looking at different mod boxes with variable watt output.. Two of the ones I am reading a lot about that is not super expensive is the MVP 3.0 and the eLeaf iStick 50W. I know not to put the Atlantis to 50W since it is recommended to be used between 20-30W.

Thank you for all input,

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  • Eric,

    The CF Mod, and CF SubOhm battery are essentially mech mode (but with over/under voltage regulators, and short circuit protection). Because of this, they output the charged voltage of the battery. Meaning they will start off high voltage, and slowly decrease as you use it.

    You can trying using the largest air hole with a fresh battery, and after a bit close down to smaller openings.

    As for going with another battery setup. Just make sure that it can handle current required to fire a ~0.5 ohm coil. Some of them will read a 0.5 ohm coil as a shorted coil. Or they will fire, but burn out the electronics or battery contained inside. So, do your homework and make sure what you use can fire the coils/setup that you use.

    (I'm not 100% familiar with the MVP 3.0 or eLeaf iStick 50W, hence my generic cautionary suggestions ;) )
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