I am running the Atlantis on the iPV3 and its been great but i have been getting some slight popping or spitting causing a little bit of juice to get in my mouth. i have tried cleaning it, using multiple coils (the Atlantis coils) from 2 different stores, dry burn, shaking it, different juices with different ratios and even different wattage. I still have the problem, can anyone PLEASE help me.
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  • Try opening up the air hole, and take harder pulls. Also, try working through it. As the coil ages, the spitting, popping decreases. ,Another thing, as the entire base unit warms up from use, the issue clears up. Until you put it down and let it cool, then you start over.

    Granted, it may take awhile depending on the juice. I'm just went through 60 ml of juice on one coil, and just got my second 60 ml bottle. I'm going to keep going to see just how long I keep using this one coil.

    Just don't dry burn the coils. You just end up burning the cotton wrap between the coil and the wicking material. Once you've done it, the coil is toast.
  • Thanks for the support. In the meanwhile I'm sure i will come up with a quick fix to get me by. If anyone else has some ideas please feel free to leave them in this thread in case the coil never breaks in.
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