Do the Nautilus and Nautilus Mini vape the same with BVC's?

Hi, i first bought a Aspire Premium Kit, with the Nautilus Mini and CF VV+ etc.. But was getting frustrated with the short battery life and small tank capacity pretty shortly after getting it..

So i just bought a HCigar HB50 mod and got a Kanger Subtank with it so id have the 2500mAh (LG HE4) and 6ml capacity.. But the subtank is WAY too extreme for me..

Soooo.. Because i REALLY like the Nautilus Mini, the amount of vape, flavour and airflow is PERFECT.. But 2ml capacity doesnt last me when im out n about .. Is the Nautilus 5ml tank EXACTLY the same to vape if fitted with the BVC's? Are the airflow holes etc all the same??


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  • Dear Customer,
    The nautilus and nautilus mini have the same airflow adjustable base hardware design,except for the capacity.
    the capacity of nautilus is 5ml,the capacity of nautilus mini is 2 ml.
    The nautilus series BVC coils are compatible with normal nautilus and nautilus mini.

    Have a nice day!
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