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Hi all,

Let me first start by saying that I just joined the forums tonight. I have some questions about my Aspire CF W of which I have in fact tried searching for my answers in both Google, FAQ's, and looked through the forums but I can't find what I am looking for.

My question is that while the Aspire battery is being charged, what does it mean when the light on the charger, rather then steady Red for charing or Green for Fully Charged, however, I have been noticing lately sometimes during the charging the light blinks from red to green..

Could someone please let me know what this means? It does eventually finish charging, but I just don't understand the lights during charging.

Also, Does the battery on this get a memory after a while? Does this device require the full draining of the battery before charging again? And lastly bout how long should a full battery last under moderate usage?

Thanks guys!

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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Charging:1.Gently screw battery into the USB charger.2.Plug the USB into the supplied wall charger or computer.(If the connection between the battery and charger and computer or wall is correctly,The battery will flash 3 times and then turn solid in color Orange light in 3.2-3.5V, Blue light in 3.5-4.15V)
    3.While charging,the light on the charger will flash red and green,red longer and green short.
    4.Once fully charged, the USB charger will display a green light, and the LED light on battery will turn off.
    We suggest our customers to use the battery to it full draining(what is full draining?When the battery is full draining,the Orange LED light on the battery will blink 15 times,customer need to charge their battery)
    How long did a battery last?It is difficult to answer this questions,because,there are so many elements:the using voltage,the resistance of the coil,the using frequency...,just like the battery of our mobile phone.

    Have a nice day!
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