new K1 BVC coil compatibility

Are the BVC coils for the new K1 glassomizer compatible with older bdc clearomizers such as CE5,ET-S, etc. ?
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    EDIT: Aspire has released the Aspire BVCs into the catalog.
  • YES ! (I'm afraid you are wrong on this one Joseph)

    The new BVC coils for the new K1 glassomizer WILL be compatible with our "old" ET-S and CE5-S.
    (Nautilus has nothing to do here, its another coil design ...).
  • not talking about the nautilus coils, if you actually take the time to LOOK at the K1 and it's coils they appear to be the same form factor as the coils used in CE5's etc (notice the rubber seal at the top of the coil head). If they are going to offer the ability to use bvc technology in older styles of clearos that would be amazing.
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    The older CE5, ET and likes use these Aspire BDC: ... -p-58.html

    The new Nautilus BDC/BVC are these: ... -p-57.html
  • Like i said you need to actually LOOK. Here is a link because i know links are hard: ... -p-85.html. I am looking for an OFFICIAL comment on whether they are interchangable.
  • Gotcha, I was unaware they added the Aspire BVC, entered into the catalog just 3 days ago.

    I believe the coils in that link will fit the tanks you mentioned. We can wait for Tina to give you an official confirmation, because I don't have any.
  • I believe Tina made mention in this post that they were going to be compatible:
  • Tina" said:
    Dear Customer,
    The new K1 clearomizers is also belong to Clearomizer series like ET-S and CE5-S,the new BVC Series Replaceable Coils are developed for Clearomizer series,they are upgraded version of BDC CLEAROMIZER REPLACEMENT COIL , the BVC coils have new wick in it,which use the high-tech material and technology, the taste will be purer, it works better than the old BDC coils. so,it is not only compatible with the K1,but also compatible with the ET-S and CE5-S clearomizers ,you can buy it on our website:
    Thank you!
    There we go, you can.
  • Thanks everyone! Very excited by this as i have multiple clearo's from when i first began vaping and these new coils should allow me to get alot more mileage out of them. I have both the nautilus and nautilus mini and there is no question that the bvc coils are superior. I like to use the ce5's when i am out and about as they are smaller and far less fragile than the more expensive tanks like the nautilus.
  • Cegoca" said:
    YES ! (I'm afraid you are wrong on this one Joseph)

    The new BVC coils for the new K1 glassomizer WILL be compatible with our "old" ET-S and CE5-S.
    (Nautilus has nothing to do here, its another coil design ...).
    Dear Cegoca,
    Bingo,You are right :D !
    Nautilus series have nautilus BVC coils ,it is another coils design.
    Thank you for your kindly explanation!
  • Yea, we cleared that one up later on in the post, I was unaware they just added the Aspire BVCs which are different from the Nautilus BVCs.
  • Should the k1 bvc glassomizer work with an ego-ce5 battery?
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