Question about Ejuices

I used some premium ejuice w/my nautilus and nautilus mini and i found that it actually didnt perform that well. After a while the taste began to change and almost seemed metallic and burned. Changed back to a lower juice (as stated by my local shop) and I got the taste back.

Anyone out there recommend any specific type of ejuice for the nautilus and the naut-mini?
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  • You're not going to want a thick e-juice for the Nautilus. You can get "Premium" juice that is less thick. Shop around a bit, there are plenty of juice manufacturers that will do custom ratios of pg/vg.
  • Cool thanks. Do you recommend any sites oand ratios?
  • Shopping in person at a local vape shop/lounge will be your best bet, you can sample the flavors and ask for advice. I'm no juice expert but higher VG juices tend to be for "drippers" ... maybe a 50/50 or 60pg/40vg at least? Also, juices with a lot of sweeteners will caramelize and gunk up/destroy your coils quicker. Experiment bro and vape on. :geek:
  • Huge help. Thank you
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