paypal problems

hi aspire,

made an order and to final step.. final confirm

and i get this error when it tries to contact paypal

An error occurred when we tried to contact the payment processor. Please try again, select an alternate payment method, or contact the store owner for assistance. () - (35) error:14094410:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert handshake failure

any suggestions

thx matt
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    Same error here.

    Is this a temporary error, or is the PayPal option shut down?

    The suggested method of "place order as check or moneyorder then paypal us directly" sounds like a surefire way to get robbed.

    ****EDIT: error listed above has been alleviated. I was able to place my order via PayPal without issue.****
  • I have just swapped my method of payment to the other option other than paypal..

    #201409518 this is my order number but I have not paid yet..

    How do I pay if I can't through PayPal

  • Dear Customer,
    Sorry,the paypal system Maintenance .
    We have solved the problem.
    Then everything was all right .
    Would you try again ?
    and any questions ,pls contact me .
    Best Regards !
  • Ah..

    Well unfortunately the order I made doesn't give an option to pay with PayPal anymore..
    Either check or money/order is what I have to do it seems

    Is there any chance in canceling this order and I make a new 1

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