Aspire Atlantis trick!

Got a 2 ml Atlantis tank? Want to refill your tank way more than you did before?

Just unscrew atomizer from the bottom piece, screw it to the top piece (which is upside-down) et voilà! You can now fill your tank over the chimney borders!

:D :D :D :D :D
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  • The only problems with this trick:

    1. Sometimes when you screw the base back on, the coil won't make contact with the center positive pin so when you fire the battery, you get nothing.

    2. You do need some airspace to get it to work properly.

    Now, depending on how thick your juice is, you can fill up to around the half way up the battlements due to surface tension. I know this because sometimes I don't pay attention and over fill a bit and have seen this happen (mainly when I forget to take off my glasses).

    But now that Aspire has put out a 5ml upper tank accessory, its a bit of a non-issue (I still need to place an order for one myself).
  • What size is the stock tank? Im fillin mine 3-4 times a day, even flippin it over, fillin it to the low chimney line, assuming thats what the last guy was talking about.Ppl say im doin it right.thanks
  • You're fine Edward. The capacity is "only" 2 ml, so with a sub ohm coil the Atlantis is kind of like a V8 engine, she's thirsty! I need the 5 ml tank expansion too ....
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