Nautilus Mini coil problem

I have had my nautilus mini since Christmas and everytime I change out the e-juice, I have to change my coil because somehow it's burned and no longer usable. I have gone through at least a dozen could because of this and my boyfriend who has the full size nautilus doesn't have this issue.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    In order to get pure flavor,when change different flavor e-juice,we suggest our customer to change out the coil.
    Or customer need disassemble the device,wash it with water,customer can use q-tip to help clean the corner.
    then dry it.For the first several puffs,the flavor will not pure,but when the old e-juice in the coils used up,then the flavor will go pure and pure.
    Please notice that our coils can not be washed.
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