Broken Glass stuck in top of Atlantis!?

Hey guys (1st post!).. So a few days ago I dropped my e-cig and the glass cracked and broke on my brand new Atlantis.. Now I'm having trouble getting ANY of the glass out of the tank, so that I can use the replacement glass tube.
About 1/3 of the glass is gone, but 2/3 of it is still there and just cracked.

I tried using a thick washcloth to grip onto the glass - and than tried to twist, turn, and pull the broken tube off. I also tried running it all under hot & cold water and repeating the last step; and all it did was allow me to wiggle the glass a tiny bit. It's ALL still stuck there..

Does anybody have any tips?? Do I really have to bend those metal teeth back a bit, that are at the top of the tank (holding the glass in I assume)?
.... I saw somebody mention using a potato like you would for a broken light-bulb: cutting the potato in half, and pushing it into the tank so that it grips onto the glass shards, and than pulling/(twisting?) the potato & glass off the tank.

Hopefully the all the glass gets stuck in the potato, but I'm doubting that the little pieces caught up at the very top of the tank will.. Either way, I'll try this tomorrow, if nobody has any better advice?
Thanks! :)
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