newby to this..need info

hi there.. i just purchased a nautilus starter kit and i need to know what else i need.
i'm thinking that i gotta have the fluid, extra batteries and a car charger, and chargers for work and home.. what else wears out quickly that i should stock and does the type of liquid matter to this system.
i'm really looking forward to ridding myself from tabacco products and i think this might be the way..
thanks for your help, nolanblue
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  • Welcome to vaping nolan, it will definately change your life for the better and Aspire makes the best stuff on the market.

    Which starter kit did you buy? You should receive 1 battery, 1 charger, 1 tank, and 5 replacement coils. I would recommend getting an extra battery and charger, just so you can vape while one battery charges and have an extra charger laying around. You always want to try to let a battery fully charge before taking it off the charger. The charger can plug into your wall outlet or computer for charging. You can expect a coil to last 1-2 weeks or whenever the taste becomes burnt, the coils are really the only consumable item.

    I suggest using a 50/50 PG/VG mix of liquid (select your own nicotine %) and my personal favorite vendor for nicotine liquid is:

    I also recommend reading the glossary I've started putting together here: Glossary of Aspire

    One important tip to remember is that you prime the tank on the first initial fill. There are some learning curves to vaping, but if you stick with it I promise you will find it much more enjoyable than smoking traditional cigarettes. If you have any other questions just let me know.
  • many thanks joseph.. and i will try the site you suggested for the liquids..i just ordered the starter kit (not the mini one) and will be waiting for its arrival. we cigarette smokers are a dying breed (no pun intended) and all we really want from smoking is the nicotine which by itself is way less harmless then all the tars,gases and who knows what else we inhale from tobacco..i'm really glad this technology is available i live in the seattle area we here are waiting for a cannabis e-cig which would be quite a civilized means of partaking of that herb :D
  • :lol: :lol:

    I would suggest starting with 18mg of nicotine coming straight off regular smokes if you were smoking more than a pack a day. If you smoked less than a pack a day I would try 12mg.

    I also assume you got the K1/GPower starter kit, make sure you get the BVC replacement coils they are the newest version by Aspire and superior to the older BDC coil.
  • I would also like to add, try flavors that are NOT tobacco flavored. If you are trying to quit analog cigarettes. Why? You want to dissociate the flavor, taste, of normal cigarettes. I went from a two pack a day habit to just vaping within a few days, by finding a tasty flavor. When I went back to an analog, I realized how nasty they tasted and stuck with vaping.

    Hopefully you can find a vape shop nearby that allows you try the flavors they carry. Remember that everyone's taste is different. You might find a bunch of people that rave about a particular flavor, but when you try it, it's not what you expected.
  • Good point Guz, I actually vape fruit flavors almost exclusively. The one good thing about ECBlend is you can order 5ml bottles for $2.50, so you can buy a lot for cheap and figure out which flavors are your favorites. They also have a solid reputation for top notch liquid and nobody else has as many flavors as ECB, plus you can completely customize your juice.
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