I'm sorry.. the shipping costs way too much

I have a few Aspire tanks I purchased from a local retailer but need replacement coils. I was all set and ready to order 2 sets of 5 coils for $10 each, or $20 total.. but shipping is almost $8 (40% of the cost!) for just these two tiny items.

Love your tanks, love the way they work and taste, but I just can not afford such high shipping rates for small items, please reconsider how you ship accessories.

Thank you
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  • You are ordering direct from Aspire so it's going to cost a little more and take longer to ship than purchasing from local vendors. I suggest ordering bulk so you can have plenty of spares and get free shipping and know you are getting authentic merchandise. Alternatively, you can purchase locally but I would make sure they are official resellers or check the scratch code in person at the store.

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