Atlantis tank and funky taste...?

I've had my Atlantis for just over a month now and cannot put it down :D .

I'm setup with the Aspire sub ohm mod battery tube and using Sony VTC4 & VTC5 cells. I've just put in a new coil, 3rd one, since getting the Atlantis.

Each new coil starts off with a very heavy (funky) taste, almost too strong. After about 2 tanks (1-2 days of Vaping for me) it levels off to a wonderfully tasty, smooth, and airy hit which then lasts for weeks untill the coil needs changed again.

I'm priming the coil and allowing it to soak for 2-5 minutes, using freshly charged cell, my liquid is 50/50, 18mg, high quality, and fresh.

Is anyone else aware of /experiencing the "funky" taste on new coils? Is there a way to 'SEASON' the coils to get to the optimum experience quicker? Any other comments/suggestions are very welcome ;)
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  • Try letting the juice soak longer to wick through the coil more. The juice may not be fully saturating the wicking material and you might be burning off the cotton layer next to the wire.

    Something I'm trying:
    [*]Replace the coil.[/*]
    [*]Fill the tank.[/*]
    [*]Screw on the base.[/*]
    [*]Let sit upright for a while.[/*]
    [*]Occasionally check the tank by holding it at a 45 degree angle and slowly spin the tank looking for bubbles. [/*]
    [*]If bubbles are still coming out, put the tank down and set it upright and let sit some more. (go back to step 5)[/*]
    [*]When no more bubbles are showing, turn the airflow to the largest opening, put thumb over the air flow opening and suck HARD on the drip tip without pressing the battery firing button a couple of times.[/*]
    [*]Check for more bubbles, if bubbles, repeat covering the air hole and sucking hard.[/*]
    [*]When no more bubbles show up, then use normally.[/*][/list]

    Or you can just let things sit upright overnight to allow the juice to fully saturate the coil. But you only need to do this on a new coil. Refills are just refills, fill and go, after this.

    I literally just did this today on a new coil (I got over 70ml of juice flow through one coil, Woo Hoo!) and I have to say, I'm not getting any popping or spitting through the drip tip into my mouth. Just the sizzle of the juice vaporizing and great taste.
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