Nautilus rusting

Hello Aspire,

Ive had the Aspire Nautilus for just over a month now and recently I noticed rust collecting around the battery pin at the bottom if the coil. It is also causing the bottom of my coils to rust. I thought this was stainless? I thought I might have had a fake but I ran the code on your site and it came back authentic. What am I doing wrong and what should I do?

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  • Dear Customer,
    I don't really know that it is the the battery pin at the bottom of the nautilus rust or the coils rust or both rust.
    Did you use your nautilus every day and clean it often?
    Thank you!
  • Can we get some pictures?
  • I do use it pretty much everyday. I only clean it out when refilling or changing juices.

    I can try to get pictures the next time I take it apart but it's kind of difficult because its at the bottom of the coil. Ill see what I can do.
  • Dear Lateralus87
    Would you please send the security code and pictures of your nautilus and coils to our service?
    Thank you!
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