Spring loaded connection pin on Atlantis

My suggestion is to use a spring loaded connction pin like on the Nautilus. I could not get my Atlantis to fire on my mechanical mod and swapped the pin on it from my Nautilus and it fires just fine. Have been using it like this for a while now and it seems to have an even better connection on all my devices. I know that it is not too much to suggest since you already make them for one device.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for your kind suggestion.
    When we first design our Atlantis,we choose the spring loaded connection like our nautilus tank.
    But while in our testing,we found that this design is not very well.
    First,this is subohm coil,when using,the current is very larger,the spring design can not hold the load,it may damage the spring.
    Second,the spring design will increase the inner resistance of the coil,which will decrease the vapor amount.
    After testing,we choose the design we used now.
    Thank you again for the kind suggestion.
    Any more suggestions please fell free to contact us.
    Wish you all the best!
  • Make it a random PIN Not a user picked and give it a 10 second limit to prevent quick switching.
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