CF VV batery charging

I'm just charging my new CF VV batery. While charging, the LED on the battery's supposed to be solid color (blue), while the USB charger is red, until fully charged, when the USB turns green and the LED lights turns off.

Should I be worried if the LED lights goes off and the USB charger is still red? What does it mean?
Thank you!
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  • Dear Customer,
    You should first check your security code to make sure it is original CF VV batery.
    What kind of charger did you use?Is it our original charger?
    Thank you!
  • I had one of my CF VV+ batteries do this the very first time I ever charged it, but it still charged completely and hasn't done it since and has always worked.
  • Thank you Joseph! :)
    I'll see how it behaves the second time. Hope it's the same case as yours.
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