Vape shop selling fake Nautilus

So I purchased a Nautilus Mini from a local shop and all aprepared legit...scratch off, halo sticker, quality box and graphics. I didn't know that the box's inner tray should be paperboard. The one I bought is plastic. I didn't suspect anything until I had burned through 2 of the included coils within the first week. After buying a genuine replacement coil is when I compared it to the 2 that came within the kit. The 2 match the description of what Aspire says to look for in fakes. I then decided to do the scratch off and learned that the # had been checked 403 times. What recourse do I have w the shop I bought it from? Is Aspire interested in the name and address of this shop?
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for kind information.
    You can take a picture for the fake products to remind other customers of fake products.
    You also can post the shop's name here to remind other customers that a seller who sell fake products.Be careful!
    Have a nice day!
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