I just bought my first nautilus mini (starter kit with the 2 atomizers & beauty ring) last week from a store here in my hometown. I was so sad when I hooked it up & it was spitting juice HEAVY inside my mouth. It was so bad. I called the Aspire US people & they instructed me to give them my scratch & check code so I did. They confirmed the code for me & said it was in fact an authentic Aspire product.

They then instructed me to try the other atomizer as it might just be the atomizer that was in the tank, so I did.... Sadly, it was still spitting juice. :( I was both shocked & very saddened by this, as I have heard WONDERFUL feedback about the nautilus mini tank with the BVC coils. The guy I spoke to from Aspire US told me that I need to contact and make a claim/let you all know about it. PLEASE HELP!

I so badly want one of the nautilus mini tanks that performs like I have heard, but sadly the one I have is faulty or something....

I don't know if I am supossed to leave my email here or what? Please let me know what to do. Thank You!
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Aspire USA is one of our authorized seller in USA.
    Would you please send your problem to our service:
    We need below information:
    First,the security code of your kit.
    Second,two clear picture to show your products: one for the security code and 3D sticker,one for the packaging inside the box(you should open the box to take the picture).
    What are the resistance of your coils?
    What voltage did you use?
    What the proportion of the PG:VG of your e-juice?
    Have a nice day!
  • Thank you so much for putting me in contact with the right people. They have emailed & asked for the information & pictures and I have provided the info. they needed, just waiting to hear back. Thanks so much again! :D
  • You may not like this answer, but try a different flavor. I've noticed my orange and lemon flavor juices tend to spit more than others. I fixed it by mixing in a bit of Vanilla Cupcake which sweetened it up a bit (I'm going to loose coil life doing so).

    Also, the spitting dies down after the first 2ml of juice for some reason. I call it the 'coil break in period'. Then life gets good. ;) But getting through that first 2ml can be difficult. Firing the battery exactly the same time you start inhaling helps to minimize the spitting.

    One last thing to try is lowing the voltage. 1.8ohm BVC start at 4.2V, or maybe a bit lower. 1.6ohm BVC, start at 3.2V or a bit higher.
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