Glossary of Aspire

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We can consider this a work in progress, I have put together this resource for newcomers explaining the terms commonly used on the Aspire Forum.

510 - The most popular style threading of electronic cigarettes.

ADV - All day vape

Amperage - Amps are an important factor in vaping. Batteries are able to withstand a certain amount of amps. You never want to use a coil that will result in overamping what your battery is capable of. Please ask if you have questions regarding this...

BDC - Bottom Dual Coil

BVC - Bottom Vertical Coil

CF - Carbon Fiber (coated battery tubes)

Clearomizer - The glass tanks used to hold nicotine liquid and a complete coil assembly for vaping.

Coil - A wire that is used to vaporize the nicotine liquid by creating an electrical circuit. It is wrapped with a wicking material to hold the liquid.

Drip Tip - The end of an electronic cigarette where you inhale. These are usually made of stainless steel or delrin and vary in shapes and sizes.

eGo - A large battery usually with inner 510 threads for larger clearomizers with airflow adjustment and outter eGo threading for small clearomizers, one of the most popular electronic cigarette styles to date.

Flooding - A condition where excessive liquid is introduced, usually accompanied with a gurgling sound and poor performance.

Juice - A common word used when referring to the nicotine liquid that is used inside of your clearomizer.

Liquid - The liquid used for vaping with your electronic cigarette. It is made up PG, VG, nicotine and flavoring. It is most commonly measued in milliliters (mL) and added inside of a clearomizer. Keep bottles stored in a cool/dark place and away from children!

mAh - Milliampere-hour, used to describe the capacity a battery will hold before it needs to be recharged.

Mod - Generally refers to a more advanced device that holds a high performance and removeable battery. This is not recommended as a first device.

Ohm - The standard unit for electrical resistance. A lower number produces a warmer vapor and uses more nicotine liquid, higher numbers would produce a cooler vapor and use less liquid.

Overdischarged - A fully charged battery is at 4.2 volts. A battery should never be drained below 3.2 volts, this will likely result in a damaged or unstable battery cell.

PG - Propylene Glycol, a thinner liquid used to carry flavor and produce throat hit.

Prime - The process of inhaling a clearomizer without firing your electronic cigarette. This should be done 3-4 times and letting the tank sit for a minute. Priming will assure you don't dry hit the coil (nasty!).

RDA - Rebuildable dripping atomizer

RTA - Rebuilable tank atomizer

Steeping - The process of simply letting your juice sit in a cool/dark place to allow the flavors to mature. This applies to freshly made nicotine liquids and opinions vary on the time frame.

Tank - The most common word used when referring to a clearomizer.

Vaper's Tongue - A temporary condition where a person develops a loss of taste for the liquid flavoring while vaping.

VG - Vegetable Glycerin, a thicker liquid used to produce vapor. Higher VG liquids produce more vapor.

VV - Variable Voltage, allows the user to select a specific voltage to modify the flavor of their nicotine liquid.

VW - Variable Wattage, allows the user to select a specific wattage to modify the flavor of their nicotine liquid.

Watt - A measurement of power which is a function of the voltage on your electronic cigarette.

Wick - An absorbent material used to direct liquid from your clearomizer to the heating coil.
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