New Nautilus flooding

Not sure if it's because it is cold when I vape outside and come into a warm building but after coming inside the tank gurgles sometimes. I try and flip it upside down so the pressure doesn't push the juice into the coil. What exactly causes this? I know it's a real aspire as I bought it from the Aspire site and even verified the tank with the code on the box.
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  • It's physics. When liquids are cold, they thicken up. Warm, they become more vicious and flow more easily.

    I've starting to notice a similar thing. Wake up in the morning, with the first couple of hits in the morning, my vape is quasi burnt taste, less vapor. Only after things warm up, and the juice flows more freely through the mesh to the coil. Granted, the juice I have right now is a bit high in VG, which doesn't help much.

    To stop the gurgling, take the drip tip off, wrap the area with a tissue, paper towel. Hold FIRMLY and flick the unit and battery away from you (and I mean hold everything FIRMLY, you don't want things to fly across the room) a couple of time. Wipe out the are where the drip tip goes, put back the drip tip, and try vaping again.
  • OK, but is there a way to prevent the flooding rather than dealing with it. My liquid is astronomically expensive, and this isone problem i cannot live with when it comes to a tank. I'll go back to kangertech and evod glass, with new coils has NEVER flooded. I'll say one more time, it sure seems like a design flaw, that there is not enough airflow...two tiny holes on either side of the 510 connector, both partially blocked by insulator or rubber gasket.
  • Are you clearing the air chamber of all vapor while vaping? Sounds like condensation building up in the chamber...
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