Threads Do Not Match

Okay, so I just bought a new Nautilus tank last night and when I went to put it on my battery, the threads on the bottom of the base are way off. It will screw on to my battery, but it is extremely crooked due to the missed threads. I have tried it on several other batteries and I have encountered the same issue, so I know it is not just my battery. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Dear Customer,
    Is your problem with the cone from the nautilus kit or the connector and insulated ring of base hardware?
    Can you please firstly check the security code of your nautilus kit to know if it is original? And if it is, please kindly ask the seller who sold it to you for the replacement, and the shop will exchange from their previous dealer, and we will ask our direct distributors to be responsible for every of their partners.
    Thank you.
  • Can you post a picture for us?
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