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What batteries do you guys recommend for this mod. Would the Efest 18650 35Amp work or should I go with a different battery?

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  • I have been using that Effest Purple 18650 2500mAh 35A since I got the mod, without any problem, works great !
  • What charger are you using.
  • You mean for the Effest purple I suppose : a Nitecore Intellicharger i2.
  • I've using LG's: LGDBHE21865 and they have been doing well. I've been averaging around 1800 mA per charge when the orange light comes on. I charge at 0.5C

    Oh, I use a smart charger from my RC hobby which adjusts the amps as needed and reports back start/end voltage and milliamps put back in. It's nice to watch the history of the battery to let me know when the battery is going bad.
  • Nitecore a good charger, I'm thinking about picking this one up: D2 (LCD) display: ... I0C83URB3Z

    The thing I heard about the efast purple is that it is not really a 35A battery but a 20A.

    But I am also assuming if that's the case, using the Atlantis or Nautilus with the Mod shouldn't be a problem as the amp's need are around 9 max using the continuous 4.2 volts that the mod fires.

    Any opinions?

    Thanks guys
  • I say again, no problem using the effest purple 2500, whatever they mention on them (35A instead of 20A), they work and that's the most important to me.
    I don't know about the other ones.

    I don't own the D2 charger but it's the new model replacing mine, so I suppose it is good.
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