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  • Hi,

    I know this is an old thread. Apologies for reopening it.

    Just wanted to check this:

    My Vapor Store is not selling legit Aspire products?

    That seems strange. They are a well regarded company here in the States.

  • All the information come from vapers who bought fake products.
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    So gutted that my beloved tigon coils have finally been faked ... I may have to abandon this tank if fakes fill the market (will be my 4th Aspire Tank I would be abandoning, due to fakers and fakes) ...

    Aspire is not protecting it's consumers, and this may be the very last Aspire tank I will be buying

    Vendour (UK):
    eBay seller:
    guardianvapeshop (
  • There is a vape I want really bad that Aspire has discontinued. I found it at should I be worried to purchase from them even though they're not on this list?
  • @Slyles This is our authorized seller in the USA, you can buy aspire product from it
  • Hello. I love all your products and have a query about some Revvo ARC coils. The hologram looks authentic and the QR code brings up a trusted supplier SHENZHEN EIGATE, but the secure code under the scratch off does not appear to exist. I can provide both codes.
    I have bought them from They aren't listed on the page and wanted to know if they are a trusted reseller.
    Is there any sellers you could recommend to buy the Revvo ARC coils? They don't appear to be for sale on the Aspire webpage.
  • @staylecrate Would you please tell us which country do you live?
    Then we will check if our authorized distributor in your country still have the product in stock.

    Best Regards
    Aspire Team
  • @Tina Yes. The US. Thank you. I appreciate the reply. Any word on being a trusted reseller?
  • @staylecrate You can check with our authorized distributor in USA for any of aspire products
    The company you mentioned is not aspire's direct authorized vendor or distributor, so we can't confirm if it is trusted or not.

    Best Regards
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