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    @powermix24 I can also very that the three website listed, sell 100% Authentic Aspire Products. I've purchased from all three of them myself. I believe that vaporbeast is on Aspire's Authorized Sellers List under USA. But the other two should be also.

    Additionally, mtbakervapor sells Authentic Aspire Products, this is where I purchased my Aspire Platinum Kit and my first box of Atlantis V1 0.5Ω Coils back in the day, before Aspire made the switch from ceramic to Japanese organic cotton..
  • hi, are stylexcloud a authorised reseller?
  • @vapetasia this company is not our authorized seller.
  • Is an authorized seller?
  • @Cozm this company is not our authorized distributor
  • I have to mention sells Authentic Aspire products and is a very legitimate operation with lots of good reviews. The owner even mentions on the website that he will not carry products that are Aspire fakes/clones.
  • Are all shops in the world that sell genuine Aspire products supposed to be registered as "authorized reseller" ? Would be a quite long list.
    The same shops never mention where they got their product, probably from "authorized distributors" at a national or regional level or even directly from Aspire Wholesale.
    So what's the point of asking about all shops around ?
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    When buying local, I suggest checking the security code before leaving the store using your smartphone. If you can't check in the store, before making your first purchase, ask where they get their product from. If they claim it's one of Aspire's distributors, make a small purchase, coils for example. Check the code as soon as you get home. This will establish the store's integrity at a low cost if they refuse to refund your money. Better than cash, use a credit card. Most credit card companies offer some consumer protection.

    On-line purchases should be made directly from Aspire, or one of the few legitimate sources vouched for by members of this forum. Use a credit card, or Paypal to make your purchase. Most credit card companies and Paypal offer some consumer protection. There are too many clones out there to take a chance with your hard earned cash.
  • Here's a shop that sales fake aspire products which was reported by a consumer, please think twice before you purchase from this store:
  • Do buy direct from Aspire? they don't claim to be official venders but are doing some good deals.
  • details for previous post of mine re

    website registrant details taken from whois
    Name: Kwok Yuen Tung
    Address: Room 1408 Fo Tan Industrial Centre,
    26-28 Au Pui Wan Street,
    Fo Tan
    Sha Tin
    Hong Kong
    Phone: 852.28119600
    Fax: 852.28561772
  • @revvic this is not our authorized distributor.
    This is a company in Hongkong,China,In China,only our authorized distributors can get and sell our products.
  • Is an authorized dealer? I have purchased many Aspire products from them, as they usually get me my products to my door within 5 business days, and they are all authentic aspire. Are they an authorized dealer, or do they just have a reliable vendor?
  • @MajikZac Aspire has never acknowledged them as an authorized retailer, but some here claim they have only received authentic Aspire gear from them. Do a search on this forum to find the details.
  • @Old_Salt I have only gotten authentic Aspire products from them, I am thinking about buying the Odyssey Mini kit from them (because of their incredible shipping speed). They have never done me wrong, I just don't want done cheap knock off :p
  • @MajikZac All I can say is that no one has reported having a bad experience with them. I fully understand you don't want to be the first.
  • I have bought many Aspire products from Myfreedomsmokes and they have all been authentic genuine Aspire and all worked great. And YES, their shipping times are lightning fast! :-bd
  • I have a big problem that worries me !

    Today I had my first order dispatched from one of your registered UK resellers for resale in my store in Glasgow however reading the comments on here I am not recognised as a reseller and if a potential customer asks if my store is selling genuine products your reply will be I am not a registered reseller which then gives the message I am selling fakes. How do I get our store on your list of resellers?
  • Aren't you guys making any differences between Wholesalers and Retailers ?
    I suppose Aspire can make a list of the registered wholesalers that buy them products, but they can certainly not register all of the thousand shops in the world that do sell their genuine products, no ?
    So why do these questions continue to raise again and again ?
  • Cegoca said:

    Aren't you guys making any differences between Wholesalers and Retailers ?

    I have tried to say something about that too. Official Aspire distributors & official wholesalers sell to many many retailers. Aspire is successful because of the many small retailers who buy, advertise and sell Aspire products that they bought from an official distributor/wholesale. It is a disservice to those retailers when Aspire doesn't recognize them. It's also a disservice to Aspire customers who are told they should only buy from a small number of suppliers.

    I know of a bunch of online retailers who sell official Aspire products and they don't deserve to be called counterfeiters.

  • There is a scratch code to check for counterfeits.
    Aspire cannot possibly check all retailers that sell their products thus no reason to call them all counterfeiters.
  • A store named Vapor-Best 2510 from eBay sold fake aspire products which has been reported by Becky Bryson a very nice aspire customer. i hope you guys didn't purchase from this store.
  • Vape shop called Cloud 9 smoke and vape located in Woodstock Ga sold fake aspire products, Ted purchased the Aspire atomizer from them, but the security code has been check 1225 times on aspire website. please do not purchase from them.

  • @Laurie1
    Great work, thanks for the info! :-bd
  • vaporcombobo on eBay US say they are an authorized Aspire agent to sell Aspire products. They display a certificate (CN150022).
    Is vaporcombobo a legitimate Aspire reseller?
  • @garthv this is not our authorized distributor
  • MVapes in Ocean Springs, D'Iberville, & Gulfport, Mississippi sell counterfeit Aspire products.
  • @Tina Do you have a list of authorized list of resellers in the US that you can post? Thanks
  • @Tina I clicked on the link but it appears only showing companies in China. I'm guessing no authorized distributors in the US. You guys need to set up distribution in the US, you are missing a market that wants to buy your legitimate products in the US. We don't want copycats. Aspire makes and designs great products.
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