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  • Can you please check out they sell many fake aspire products. can you you confirm this for me? Thank you
  • @hammers8809 this is not our authorized distributor or direct customer.
  • Hi there,

    Are these two companies selling legit Aspire products ?

    Shenzhen Henkangda Technology Co., Ltd
    Vaporunion Technology Limited

    We have received some items from them
  • Hi tina,
    I was wondering if these two stores in Arizona are authorized retailers
    E-cigs smoking alternitives
    Grand Bell Center Plaza
    16551 N Dysart Rd, Surprise, AZ 85374
    (623) 240-9070
    SmokeAway Arizona
    13915 N Dysart Rd #7
    El Mirage, AZ 85335
    (623) 243-6993
    And also, Where do I go, and what is the process of verifying my Aspire products as authentic?
  • @andrewjc Shenzhen Henkangda Technology Co., Ltd
    Vaporunion Technology Limited
    E-cigs smoking alternitives
    SmokeAway Arizona
    they are all not our authorized distributors or customers.
    What's more,Shenzhen Henkangda Technology Co., Ltd this is a Chinese company,in China,only our authorized distributor can get and sell our products,please be careful of fake aspire products.
    there is a scratch and check label on the packaging black box ,customers can scratch and get the security code of the product and check the security code on our
    The security code is on the box,which need customer to scratch and get it,
    When customer check the security code on our website,it should be one check the security code before you.If the security code is checked one time or more before or doesn't exsit,it is fake aspire product.
  • Hello,

    I think it's becoming a genuine problem for Aspire and also for the consumers. Check these links, are these genuine?


    There are so many of those suppliers, what are you doing about this?

  • edited August 2015 Vote Up0Vote Down the supply is Shenzhen Heaven Gifts Technology Co., Ltd. it is our authorized distributor. the supply is Mychinadeal Technology Consult (Shenzhen) Co., Limited,it is also our authorized distributor.
    Both are Chinese companys
    In China,only our authorized distributor can get and sell our products.
    Below are our authorized distributors in China,if you find a Chinese company,which is not listed in below list,it is not our authorized distributor,be careful of the fake aspire products.
    1.Heaven Gifts Incorporated Limited
    2.Health Cabin Technology Co., Ltd
    3.ONEU Technology Co., Limited
    4.Shenzhen Oymay Technology Co., Ltd
    5.Shenzhen Elego Technology Co.,Ltd
    6.Everzon Technology Co., Ltd
    7.Shenzhen A-Touch Electronic Co., Ltd
    8.Shenzhen Kebo Technology Co., Ltd.
    9.Shenzhen Greenvape Technology Co., Ltd
    10.Mychinadeal Technology Consult (Shenzhen) Co., Limited
    11.Geartech(HONG KONG) Co.,Ltd
    12.Shenzhen Hekvapor Technology Co., Ltd
    13.Dongguan Cacuq Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    14.Shenzhen Top Chances Trade Co., Ltd.
    15.Ten One International (H.K) Limited
    18.Shenzhen Goodly Electronic Co., Ltd.
    20.Shenzhen Sino-Cig Technology Co., Ltd.
    21.Shenzhen eSmokingbar Technology Co., Ltd.
    22.BoomBoom Good Time Vape Technology Co., Ltd
    23.Shenzhen Brosvapor Technology Co., Ltd.
    24.Shenzhen Epurecig Technology Co., Ltd
    25.Shenzhen Lecoin Technology Co., Ltd.
    26.Shenzhen Anyvape Technology Co., Ltd.
    28.Shenzhen Wellecs Electronic Co., Ltd.
    29.Shenzhen Kingarea Tech Co., Ltd.
    30.Shenzhen One World Technology Co., Ltd.
    31.MYX ECIGS Inc
    32.E friends Technology Co., Ltd.
    33.Shenzhen Troogle Technology Limited
    34.Shenzhen Great Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Hi Tina, I have received fake items in a fake box with a genuine scratch code on the fake packaging so your scratch codes have clearly been useless for some time. (I bought a nautilus mini a year ago from a reputable company (Apollo) who admitted they had received an order of clones yet they all had genuine codes and security. They refunded me immediately and just let me keep the clone. So big ups to Apollo!!)
    If I had relied on the fact I had purchased from a trustworthy company and the security on the packaging I would never of known I had a clone. But I thoroughly checked the box and item and found the exact packaging flaws you list on your website which gave it away that I had a clone.
    What comment do you have about the fact the code checked out OK on your website?? And how can we trust your scratch codes at all when all the clones currently being produced have your genuine codes on them!!!???
    It sounds like one of your employees is making alot of money selling sensitive data to the counterfeiters. Are you doing anything to fix this, as I haven't scratched and checked a single code for the past year because of this incident I check each item out with my eyes and previous knowledge. But the general consumer is relying on that scratch code. This is no good when the counterfeiters are using your own codes on their fake items!!
  • @dajackal007007 The security code is on the box,which need customer to scratch and get it,
    When customer check the security code on our website,it should be one check the security code before you.
    If the security code is checked one or more times before or it doesn't not exist,it is fake aspire product.
    The security code is not the only way to confirm the fake product or not,customers can also confirm the authenticity by the packaging.
    With the development of technology,Now the fake products is so like as the original one.
    We also feel very agonizing.
    So, we always suggest our customers to buy our products from us directly or from our authorized
  • I just bought an Aspire Triton tank from on pre order 3 weeks ago and got it today in the mail. I checked its code and it verified authentic. However keep them on the list since they were so slow no one should have to wait that long for a parcel.
  • Please take clear pictures for the scratch and check label and the S/N label of your products.

    Thank you.
  • ax1134,

    What is directly above the area you scratched off?

    Just a barcode with numbers under it?

    Or does it say the name of a product?

    I've been trying to figure this out for a few years as this has been happening to Kangertech for a long time.

    I think I can finally explain to people how this works, but I've never been able to see what the security label looks like compared to an authentic one. Please help!

  • here is another customer has fake aspire product experience from ebay,please be careful of this seller
    Hello aspire,
    I have received a fake Atlantis V2 tank off of eBay. I have a case with eBay now to get my money back since the seller refused even though he admitted in our emails it was a clone. I figured I would inform you because from what I see he sells a lot of tanks, I assume all fakes. I have included a picture of the security checker results based on the number from his package. I hope you guys take some sort of action so know one has to go through what I am going through with this guy. Not to mention the cheap junk he sent me passing off as authentic basically ruining your good name for quality products. His eBay username is : 2201dana and his actual name and contact info is:
    Dana Hartwell
    1640 Loch Leigh Way,
    Maryville, TN, 37801
  • here is another customer has fake aspire product experience from ebay,please be careful of this seller:
    Good morning,
    I just wanted to let you all know that I recently tried to purchase an Aspire Nautilus Mini from eBay seller vapesandvapes and they sent me a counterfeit one (the security code has been used 1756 times and there are errors in the packaging as well). I am trying to work through eBay's return system with the seller, and have reported the item as counterfeit on eBay, but I figured I should contact you as well. Please let people know that this seller is distributing fake versions of your product.
    Thank you,
  • here is another customer has fake aspire product experience from ebay,please be careful of this seller:

    Ebay seller ID: usham-ayau4h
    I just bought a new aspire atlantis 2 tank from this seller and the scratch off code says the number has been used over 4000 times. I've contacted the above seller to see if I can get a refund. I figured I better contact you, the manufacturer, about this as well. The packaging is almost spot on with my real atlantis 2 tank but the base components pin is protruded not flush like my real Aspire tank is and is causing problems which is why I decided to check the scratch off.
  • @vvanilla I'm pretty sure you will get legit equipment from myfreedomsmokes. I buy from them all the time and everything so far has been genuine. :)
  • Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I didn't see it mentioned. Just received a Triton tank from We Buy We Sell on Amazon. It's an obvious fake, and the security code had already been used numerous times when I checked it.
  • @smw6181 Report it to Amazon too.
  • @Old_Salt I reported it to the seller. Turns out they are under the impression these are authentic because of the packaging. They have agreed to refund me and will be discussing it with their supplier. Not going to bring it up to Amazon since they have been quick to rectify the issue.

    Whether or not they're telling the truth that they believe they are selling authentic Triton tanks is immaterial since they are willing to refund my purchase. I just won't buy another tank from them. Too bad Aspire doesn't get a store front on Amazon. I hate waiting and my local vape shops charge too much for those tanks (between 60-70.00 depending on where I go).
  • @smw6181 You can always buy directly through Aspire's Online Website and you will never have to worry about having to question the authenticity of the product.. Best of Luck in the future and glad the seller is willing to refund your money for the Triton Clone!! :-bd
  • @Southy321 Sure. And I probably will. Unfortunately the reason I was ordering from Amazon int he first place is because ordering from Aspire directly takes between 8-20 days, unless I want to spend ~$20.00 for shipping. Shipping cost is too much for getting here quickly and I didn't really want to wait 1-3 weeks.
  • @smw6181
    here are some free shipping information for your reference:
    Aspire offers free shipping on all orders over 99$usd. (This does not apply to areas that DHL list as “remote areas”. Orders shipped to a “remote area” will be charged an extra 30$usd as per DHL’s remote area service charge. If your order is in such an area you will be contacted via email.)
    Orders to the USA will be shipped via USPS/e-EMS (6-15 working days arrival time)
    Orders to the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, and Canada will beshipped via SingPost (7-20 days)
    Orders to other countries shipped via China Air Parcel
    You may select your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process.
    Note: Due to longer customs clearance times orders please allow 15-30 days for orders to Brazil and 10-15 days for orders shipped elsewhere in South America via EMS.
  • @Tina I understand that, thank you. However that's much too long a time to wait. I'm still looking for something local in the States (Delaware, to be exact) where I can get guaranteed authentic stuff and I don't have to wait 2-3 weeks for it.
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    @smw6181 there are some good websites in the US that can ship in a couple days. Here are some sites I have used extensively, and always received genuine products and good service:


    I won't mention any of the sites I have had issues with. I hope this helps. :)
  • @watkijw Excellent, thanks, I check them out!
  • Can you tell me if Shenzhen Skey Technology Co., Ltd. Cert. #CN150036 is an Aspire Authorized Store? Also uses name aspire_online on DHGate. Thank you
  • @debbie7867 Shenzhen Skey Technology Co., Ltd. is our authorized distributor.
  • Tina, do you know anything about the website Is it legit?
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    @MajikZac This website is not aspire official website,but After checking with our sale,this website is created by our authorized distributor.
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    I know they sell Authentic products %100 . aspire if you don't have them as Authorized you should ! I bought Aspire products from all 3 of those vendors and checked the code .
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