Aspire Copycat list

  • ZDVAPES" said:
    Hi can you tell me if these are authorized sellers.
    Dear ZDVAPES,

    Did you mean"Shenzhen Goodly Electronic Co., Ltd"?
    If yes,this company is our authorized distributor.

    Best Wish!
  • Are selling authentic Aspire products.
  • Is an authorized seller?
  • ZDVAPES" said:
    Are selling authentic Aspire products.
    This is our French customer.
  • Tojg49ers" said:
    Is an authorized seller?
    This company is not our authorized seller or distributor.
  • This is the website of a local vape shop, and was wondering if they are legitimate before I purchase an Atlantis 2 from them.

    Can you tell me if this is an authorized dealer of your products? The store seems legitimate in person, but wanted to make sure.
  • Dear bagpiper44,

    I am sorry to tell you that the seller is not our authorized seller.
    You can find our authorized distributors' information here:
  • Dear Gone,
    This company is not our authorized distributor,it is also not a retailer from aspire.

    Be careful of the fake aspire products.

    If it is not convenience of you to buy our products from us directly,you can buy it from our authorized distributors:

  • Hi. Is Aspirecig on dhgate an authorised seller? I can see a form of certificate on each item stating he is genuine.
  • Dear danjones323,
    Yes,it is one of our authorized distributor in dhgate.

  • I purchased some.5 ohm Atlantis coils at Vape Dojo in Bel Air, MD. The security code checks out as legit, but the coils act like clones. Are copycats putting legit security codes on their products now?
  • @skandalous Are copycats putting legit security codes on their products now?
    I am afraid that the answer maybe yes.
    So,we always suggest customers to buy our products from us directly or from our authorized distributors
  • Is an authorized seller? They claim their products are genuine!
  • Hi! I placed an order from Fast Tech and purchased a Nautilus Mini and some Nautilus BVC coils - the authenticity codes checked out as authentic and had never been queried prior - is it possible they are selling authentic items now but were not prior?
  • @MoonOwl I only can answer that maybe it is original.For there are many fake aspire products from Fast Tech.
    Some counterfeiters stole the original packaging with original scratch and check label,but the products inside the packaging box are not original.
  • Hello,jdub78130,evape is not our authorized distributor,also not our directly customer.
  • Got some at Vapit in Canada... But not all are clone, they maybe give copycat to people that look to don't know what they are doing(or buying) and authentic one to rest of the world.
    Sorry for my bad english ;)
  • vvanilla said:

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase the Aspire Atlantis and the Sub-ohm battery from a site called http://www.myfreedomsmokes.

    Are they an authorized, legit place to buy from? Thanks.

    I did buy from them, and they sell authentic products. This is probably not an official reseller but they do sell right goods ;)

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    Just checked your authorized dealer/distributor listing for here in Europe and it's hard to believe that all the European Dealers/Distributors are in England, Germany and France and no where else. Are there not any dealer/distributors in The Benelux (Netherlands/Belgium)? If so, could you please tell me who they might be as I purchased a Nautilus and some extra coils from a site called Rook Winkel in Breda When I got the products in I checked the serial numbers and they shown as being authentic.

    In addition, is the new Triton on the European market as of yet. I know it won't be here in Holland seeing as to how anything holding a juice capacity of more than 2.0ml is forbidden here.

    Look forward to your reply and thnx for all help.

  • Hello.Madrebel, this is not our authorized distributor,which not means that it will sell the fake product.
    But customers have much chance to get fake aspire products from a non-authorized dealer.

    If your aspire products are original.
    I want to say "congratulations to you" ;;)
  • MadRebel said:

    ... I purchased a Nautilus and some extra coils from a site called Rook Winkel in Breda

    Aren't these devices now forbidden for sale in the Netherlands ?
    Or you bought it from outside Holland perhaps ?

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    Cegoca said:

    MadRebel said:

    ... I purchased a Nautilus and some extra coils from a site called Rook Winkel in Breda

    Aren't these devices now forbidden for sale in the Netherlands ?
    Or you bought it from outside Holland perhaps ?

    Hello...correct. Now they are forbidden here in Holland. As of the 1st of February anything with more capacity than 2.0ml became forbidden. However, Aspire Nautilus can still be had but at a 2.0ml capacity.

    I purchased my Aspire Nautilus 5.0ml at that shop I referred to in my original posting because they were having a clearance sale on all their tanks over the 2.0ml. I also purchased a Kangertech Subtank Mini 4.5ml from them as well. (Hope I can mention other products here. If not then please forgive me Aspire).

    @Tina yes they are original. Checked the serial numbers on Aspire site and they were verified. So, I guess I got lucky. Thnx for the congratulations. But my original question has yet to be answered from Aspire. Where in Europe (close to The Netherlands) will I be able to, or can currently purchase the new Triton tank?

  • @MadRebel you can buy our new products from our authorized In UK like:
    ASPIRECIG LIMITED UK or UK Ecig Vendor Limited

    or you can buy our products from our customers in Germany like :InnoCigs GmbH & Co. KG or Lila Apfel GmbH

    Best Wish
  • is advetising the Triton, the RTA, and coils. They are on your list. Have they become a valid retailer or is this the first Triton clone?
  • @NoSmoking, @charlzrocks Wow! The Triton has not been released yet, and is advertising that they'll have stock by July 7. It seems like industrial espionage has been raised to a fine art in China.

    I hope Aspire finds the folks involved and is able to get a major legal Judgement against them.
  • It sounds like Aspire has a mole in their product development department!
  • The mole could also be in manufacturing. They needed the designs well in advance to tool up for production.
  • Hi these guys (21. Shenzhen Komjie Electric Technology Co., Ltd.) assure me they are selling genuine products (on DHgate) and have produced one of your certificates when i requested it (, however you guys have them in your copycat list????
    Whats going on how can they have a certificate of authorisation and also be listed as a copycat???
  • @dajackal007007 this company is really not our authorized distributor,what's more, the certification is a fake one.
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