atlantis backsplash

I have the new aspire atlantis tank with the atlantis sub ohm battery cf.

I have tried all of the techniques to try and reduce the backsplash when vaping but It keeps occurring about 70% of the time I vape. I was thinking maybe that it might be the juice? I use 60pg 40vg zeus liquid.

Should I try going with a thicker liquid or stepping up the VG to 50?
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  • I have not ran anything higher than 30PG and I have not had this issue. So I would suggest trying a thicker liquid...
  • Thats what i was thinking, appreciate it!
  • Sorry but what is a "backsplash" ?
    Is it when you get some juice in your mouth ?

    Try with a higher VG ratio, I would say minimum 40 ! Best : 80 or 100%
  • I tried 80vg 20pg liquid and burned up two coils in 2 days. you can not "chain vape"... the liquids can not wick quick enough. The coils use so much liquid that the thicker juice takes mins to re saturate. Finally gave up and went back to 35vg 65pg for my Atlantis, Nautilus and Nautilus mini.

    The Aspire sub ohm battery is not friendly to the Atlantis until it has lost half its charge, backsplash/spitting/popping... HOT liquid traveling up drip tip into your mouth. I have all but given up on the Sub Ohm battery and i use a 30W variable wattage device for the Atlantis tank. Love it now.

    Hope this helps
  • If you try to vape with the Atlantis as you do with a Nautilus, you might not use it correctly.
    The Atlantis is best suited to a direct lung vape and that is why you had all those problems (I know, I did that error too in the beginning ;) ).
    I use the Atlantis with a 15/85 (pg/vg) liquid at 3 or 6mg with a CF SubOhm or a CF Mod Aspire battery and it works great, certainly with fully loaded batteries.

    Hope this helps too ;)
  • i use 90 vg and i get the eqliuid in my mouth all the time, tis just a design flaw somewhere
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