1.6 ohm Juice Leaks through airhole

I've recently gotten a brand new nautilus tank(90696849960942526513) with a new pack of 1.6 ohm coils as a gift. Using the original coil that came in the tank pack, I have never had a problem vaping my Madrina and Mother's Milk e-juice. Now, I tried the replacement atomizers (52095878722825113134) and so far, all of them had leaking issues through the air holes. I've tried several methods of filling only 2ml, 3ml, 4ml, and 5ml. It still proceeds to leak through the air holes. I tried some methods online as to close the air holes before filling but that didn't work. I made sure to follow the pamphlet that is included and made sure the coil is secure inside.

Lastly, I used the original coil that arrived with my Nautilus tank that i saved and the leak went away.

Did i receive a bad batch of atomizers?

I've gone through 25ml of Madrina and 20ml of Mother's milk that went down the drain (these things are expensive). As far as i'm concerned, the items that were purchased are legitimate and they do not work. This is quite possibly the best tank and coil system I had experienced before the leak. How do you fix this issue?
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  • I have the same problem in addition to liquid coming out through the main chamber. I cant take the smallest draw without liquid coming into my mouth.
    Every post in response to these issues seems to assume user error, but I am using a proper battery voltage, properly filling the Nautilus tank(all according to what Aspire has to say), and everythingg I've used has been purchased through Aspire, with the juices being the exception. And I've literally poured at least $20 of juice down the drain trying to get my tank to work.

    The coil that came with my tank worked like a charm, but every other coil I've used has had these bad leaking issues.

    This tank was too expensive for it not to work properly. Especially considering I use it as an alternative to smoking ciggarettes. I've already had to buy two packs to keep myself sane.

    I would really like help. All I've seen is Aspire telling people that they must be using their product wrong.

    Im frustrated I admit.

    But I think I have a right to be
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