Not working!!! Aspire Atlantis

I purchased the Aspire Atlantis on December 26, 2014. It has not been working properly to start, the vapor smoke was awesome at first and within a few hours of buying i don't even blow enough smoke to look like cigarette smoke.... Second this vap takes 5 hours to charge and doesn't even last 3 hours off the charger, I returned to where i purchased it today Jan, 01, 2015 the owner Blake looked at it and said I may have a defective device so he suggested I contact Aspire immediately for assistance! HELP
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  • You said it takes 5 hours to charge... what are you charging? Did you buy an Aspire battery or just the Atlantis?

    Also if the shop you purchased the device determined you have a defective device, they should handle the warranty exchange for you.

    We need more information Bianca...
  • right, remember that you're vaping a subohm device, which needs a proper battery to vape on.
    Which battery are you using? I hardly suggest you to get a CF subohm.

    Also be sure to let the atlantis absorb the juice after you fill it.
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