Burnt taste in mini nautilus

In my aspire cf vv+ there is a burnt taste everytime i tried it. Although i changed the coil immediately, it still have the burnt taste in it. By the way, if the ejuice is effecting it, my ejuice is suicidebunny's mother's milk. Pls helppp!!
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  • From what I could find, that juice is 30/70 (PG/VG) which is bit high on the VG side for Nautilus BVC's.

    About the only suggestions are to:
    1. Pre-saturate the coil with a drop or two of liquid inside the coil. Careful not to use to much juice.
    2. Fill the tank, and let it sit upright for a good 5-10 minutes.
    3. Set the air adjuster ring on the smallest opening.
    4. Take a few "primer" hits before firing the coil on your preferred airflow size. ("Primer" hits are taking a hit without pressing the button on the battery).

    Once you have a burnt taste from the coil, you will need to replace the coil Once burnt, there is no recovery.

    The long term solution is to use a juice that has a lower VG ratio, i.e. 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40 (PG/VG).
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