Clean Atlantis Aspire Coil

I had been using this aspire atlantis for a week with vaporshark RDNA 40, with a 500fahrenheit, and aroun 27-29.9Watt...

My question, how do I clean this Coil? can I run it with mineral water, and do the dry burning???

Please advice, as for this week I had refill around 8 times, with 6 diff types of juice...
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  • We are sorry that all of our coils can not washed by water.
    When change different flavor e-juice,in order to get pure flavor,we suggest customers to change coil.
    Or disassemble the device,wash it by water,customer can use Q-tip to help clean the corner,then dry it.
    For the first dozens puff,the flavor will not pure,but when old e-juice gone up,the flavor will go pure and pure.

    Have a nice day!
  • Just to reiterate, you can NOT clean any of the BVC's (Nautilus, Mini Nautilus, General, Atlantis). Nor can you dry burn them. I have tried and tried. It's just how they are designed.

    There is a layer of cotton that touches the heating coil, if you try to "dry burn" you just burn the cotton and you will forever have a burnt taste.

    Rinsing in water, alcohol, etc. ruins the wicking properties of the ceramic wicking material. You will end up with dry, burnt hits. Even if you try to rinse them out, and then try to heat dry them, the ceramic material still won't wick properly (and it ends up with an odd flavor that will be passed onto your juice flavor).
  • Noted.... Thanks a lot... well Guz... I just did the dry burn... And disamble it... The result were.... Exactly like u said... Coil and the ceramic both are fine... But.. LOL... The cotton burned...
  • I have been using nautilus tanks and now I have a couple of atlantis tanks. I use them constantly, and I have cleaned my nautilus and atlantis coils by running hot water on them for several minutes and sometimes soaking them in vodka overnight. and letting them dry overnight. This has always worked.
    I have gotten some very persistent juice tastes out of my coils and they operate fine afterwords.
    Never try to dry burn these coils. There is wicking material on them. You only dry burn bare coils, like on an RDA.
  • I've tried the water, alcohol method of cleaning. Even baking them in an oven to dry them out. In the end, the life of the coil is greatly diminished. The longest I've gotten from a "cleaned" coil, was 2 days. Then ALL flavor was lost, and nothing but dry burnt hits. I even tried various PG/VG ratios after, sill the same, dead coils.
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