How to share video on youtube

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Dear Friends,
When you saw some interesting reviews on Youtube about Aspire,or you make reviews by yourself about Aspire,such as how to use aspire products,how to fix aspire product,the comparison between aspire's products and other vaping products...,you want to share with aspire family,please feel free to do that.
Here is the method about "how to share the video on Youtube or make by yourselves".
First,find the video's URL,copy the "name",you only need copy the name behind "V=",details,please refer to the picture "first step".
Second,create a post on our website,then click the bottom "YouTube",some chars will appear on the textfield,paste the name between" [YouTube]"and "[/YouTube]",details please refer to the picture"Second step"
If the videos are made by yourselves,you should firstly post them on YouTube,then do as above two steps.
We are waiting for your participation! :D
Second Step.jpg
first step.png
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